MMMM + Things feel weird

So I woke up this morning and thought “Hmm, I actually feel pretty good. Plantar Fasciitis isn’t hurting as much, hip feels ok, and I think I’m generally feeling normal.” Both boys woke up feeling icky and I was all happy I felt good. Then I started to feel awful: sinus headache, upset stomach. Blah. I’m at work, eating breakfast, and feeling… ok. But life just seems slightly…off.

Things bothering me:

My phone kept restarting so I figured out it was the wireless. So without using that, it stopped doing it. Then, randomly, a couple times it has gone to the boot screen and just stayed there. I really don’t want to buy a new phone right now. UGH.

Sinus infection? Seems like it but I know antibiotics never help. So I am doing my essential oil treatments and hope to feel better. Meanwhile, my face really hurts.

Emergency vehicles in my neighborhood this morning. Two ambulances, a fire truck and a cop car parked down the road. Now, the people who live on my side of the street are a couple probably in their late 50s/early 60s, and Sandy, around 70, and her adult son. I don’t think there’d be that many vehicles if it was just a slip and fall type situation. So I’d really like to know the deal!

On a separate note, my weekend was just ok. Ash and I had an enjoyable Friday afternoon: burgers then a visit to a local brewery for flights. But the rest of the weekend was annoying. Just, kids being generally disagreeable, which can really affect the entire mood of the household.


Yay Freebie Week!

SO, Elliot and I will be seeing Styx this coming Thursday (Tallahassee representing on bringing in a good band!) so in honor of that, here are a couple faves.

3 thoughts on “MMMM + Things feel weird

  1. Dang, okay, okay, okay…. I admit it I’M SOOOOOOOOOOOO JEALOUS! GIRL YOU ROCK! Have a great time seeing these awesome dudes and great tunes you’ve chosen here also! BIG HUGS!!!

  2. I love Styx!!! You’re so lucky to get to see them. I never did get a chance to see them.
    You picked some great songs here. I think my favorite Styx song is Man in the Wilderness. I LOVE that song. Hopefully they’ll play it for you during the concert. Please be sure to tell us all about it. Have fun!

    Michele at Angels Bark

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