Random Tuesday – Another day in paradise, folks

Stacy Uncorked


  • This really is a very busy week for me – appointments every day – and I am trying to keep up. Ever feel that way? Just… behind and not… aware of your own life? I hate that feeling. How does one feel “alive”? I will say, I started taking a multi-vitamin and that has helped my overall health for sure.
  • So I hurt my foot yesterday in the dumbest way. Our fridge is pulled out from the wall from the kitchen reno we’ve been doing, so the space between the bottom door freezer and the island cabinets is smaller. I pulled it out looking for an ice pack and when I closed it, somehow my foot was still in the way so the bottom left corner poked right into the top of my foot, right where it bends when I walk. So I have this annoying bruise right there, just irritating me with every step!
  • I don’t want to stir the pot but remember a time when politics were politics and everything fun and a diversion from the drudgery of life was left alone? I wish we could go back to that. We don’t need to politicize every. single. thing.
  • Looking ahead in the 10 day forecast, it’s supposed to be 65/80 on October first. Um, please make this so, weather gods! We have had some cool mornings here and there – even in August! – but I am so ready for it to feel like fall. I can tell you the trees are getting ready; my yard is covered in leaves already.
  • In about half an hour I’m walking down to the near-campus Starbucks to meet a friend of mine from Athletics. She wants to discuss something-or-other but I’m thinking about asking for some football tickets and worming my way into their department. Granted, I have until 2019 sometime (when my boss retires) but the longer I work in English, the less I can stand the vast majority of them, LOL I know that sounds awful but I think my mental health will be a lot better when I am not around people who love to argue politics all the time.
  • Looking forward to Tuesday Chat returning. I follow her on tumblr and have half a mind to message her and ask about it!

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