MMMM + You know the drill

I’m not *quite* in the work mindset yet but I am here and trying to get started. Had a pretty darn good weekend; can’t really complain about it. Friday, we went out for pizza and when we got home, the combo of two Jai alai beers and pizza plus McDonald’s ice cream had me falling asleep in my chair at 8:30!

On Saturday, we had to be at the football fields by 8:15; Isaac’s game began at 8:30. Their team won by a landslide, despite the other team scoring on the first play. Isaac had a great TD catch in the endzone and multiple flag pulls so, yay! Elliot had a double header – 9:30 and 10:30 – so we sat there literally all morning. Eliot had a TD catch in the endzone as well in his first game, along with some flag pulls. In the second game, he ran a lot more and scored once and got one interception. All in all, a great day for the boys.

Ash had a card tournament so I took the kids to Chik-Fil-A then we had some downtime before the store and dinner, etc.

On Sunday, Ash ran with Isaac and Elliot at intervals and then I ran as well before burgers for lunch and football all afternoon. It was relaxing and I got the lawn mowed and enjoyed my two days away from the office.

The theme today is “songs about school” so let’s state the obvious first:

Now this next one isn’t really about school but the title is a Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure reference and it mentions a high school!

Man, this song perfectly encapsulates my college years once I met my husband. LOL.

10 thoughts on “MMMM + You know the drill

  1. “School’s Out” is the first song to come to mind with this theme. Your second pick is new-to-me. It sorta has a punk rock flare, not one I’d normally gravitate to in years past but find it an interesting listen now. Thanks for sharing and hitting the dance floor with the 4M gals! Have a skooltastic week!

  2. Sounds like your boys sure had a good weekend! That’s some impressive football plays. Good for them. I bet that made for a fun celebratory dinner.
    I remember those days back before I was self-employed when I worked for others. Those two days on the weekend were sacred! And I also remember all those Sunday afternoons around 3 or 4pm when I’d start getting a pit in my stomach about having to go back to work on Monday. Oh I don’t miss those days!
    Enjoy those weekends!

    I love Alice Cooper’s School’s Out. Such a perfect song for the theme. I’m not at all familiar with the Ataris. At first I thought their line in the song at about the :54 mark was saying “These are the things that make me drink” and it made me laugh but then I played it again and realized it’s actually “These are the things that make me dream.” Lol.

    Have a good week and look forward to that next weekend!

    Michele at Angels Bark

  3. Way ta go girlfriend! You have certainly ROCKED the house!!! Woo Hoo! Everyone thought of Alice Cooper, but me (slap to the forehead)! Sheesh! And Wow… sounds like a ultimately cool weekend for your boys for sure… have a great week my friend!!!

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