Random Tuesday – Trying to get going

Stacy Uncorked
  • Well, I certainly had a good three day weekend. Ash and I had good food on Friday then went home because the painters were still working but finishing up. On Saturday I got to *mostly* put my house back together; we’re working with a skeleton crew of dishes right now so in some ways, it’s kind of nice. The cabinet doors haven’t actually been brought back yet but soon!
  • We also ran a lot of errands and took some stuff to storage. Our house is really getting cleared out and it won’t be long until we can list it and begin showing. Cross your fingers!
  •  I’m not stressing – yet – about that hurricane out in the Atlantic. Obviously we are all hoping it turns north and goes back out into the ocean. It’s an awful sort of wait and see situation with these storms and a sense of guilt is born out of hoping it hits somewhere other than your home. I don’t want anyone in any Eastern Seaboard city to get it but I really would prefer it a.) didn’t turn into the gulf and b.) didn’t hit South Florida where my grandfather and my aunt live.
  • I was feeling really good this morning – well-rested, not angry at my kids, and I got my first PSL of the season – but after an hour of sitting in my office, I realize that I am not quite here yet. Not brain-wise anyway.
  • Yesterday, we went on a 2 mile hike in a local park and then promised the kids we could check out the revamped playground there. The one very impressive thing about it is that it actually had a merry-go-round, which as far as I can tell, have been largely eliminated from newer playgrounds. As you probably have noticed, most of the things from 10-20 years ago that had even a slight chance for a kid to get hurt have been taken away from play areas. I was super happy to see the traditional merry-go-round and this new-fangled one as well. I nearly celebrated the fact that kids were free to make mistakes and fall down. No one was stressing.I tried to put a video in but it didn’t want to go. Too bad!
  •  Anyway, my throat is bothering me today and I am feeling a little blah now so I think I’d better make myself start on some work so that I can really get going. Happy Tuesday!

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