Finally Friday

I got myself a venti Starbucks latte this morning to celebrate making it through this first week of school. College in the fall is something else, let me tell you. Insanity abounds and on top of my kitchen/house reno, I am at my wits end. Luckily, I do plan on taking a half day and we have ZERO plans this weekend. I am sure we are missing out on Labor Day fun with friends (they know we’re entrenched) but whatever. I have loose plans to get a pedicure and sit in the sun. My summer tan is beginning to fade and I feel sickly. I think my vitamin D levels have plummeted.

Everything seems… in-between right now. I want to do something that feels grounding. Something that feels normal. I think we’re going to the mall tonight to get Ell the hat he wanted for his birthday and probably eat dinner. I’ll allow it because we ate at home the last two nights, even amidst the craziness. What I’d really like to do is go to the beach, though I just don’t see it happening. Guess if weather holds up we could go Monday. I need it, I really do.


Anyway, hope all you readers out there have a great weekend!


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