Life as it is

I come home from work and it’s a frenzied state: kids exhausted and cranky, dog frustrated because his normally peaceful day has been interrupted by a multitude of painters throughout the home, a messy kitchen and living room because furniture had  to be moved. I change into house clothes then quickly realize I still have things to do. I end up running to the hardware store for moving boxes; there’s still so much stuff we can temporarily house in storage. We want to start showing the house asap, which is probably less then 3 weeks from now – truth be told.

I craft sandwiches and leftovers in a kitchen where the fridge sits smack in the middle, where my microwave is balanced haphazardly on a sliver of countertop not taken up by paint brushes and cans and tarps. Soon as everyone has eaten, we begin placing items in boxes and really figuring out what we can and cannot live without. Surprisingly, we need far less than anticipated.

I am slightly disgruntled that the workers keep moving our things, even when we specified that they should let us know and we’d do some moving. We have some glasswork items from Ash’s family that we’d prefer people didn’t just go shuffling about.  I know they’re trying to get things done but at least respect our things. As far as I know, they finish Friday so I take a deep breath and collapse in my recliner at 8:30; I’m asleep by 9.

When I take my aging dog out at 11:45 PM, I notice the sound of the wind rustling wildly through the trees; I know Fall isn’t too far off for us. Not just the breezy weather but the love bugs have come back and they are an indication of the season change.

I wake feeling not so rested and go face work, which is still super busy and irritating and I just want to take a day to myself: get a pedicure, a haircut. I’d like to eat cheese and drink beer and just sit in a quiet room alone.

I know this won’t last forever. I know we’ll have another few days when the floors will be ripped up. And then when they start showing the home, I’ll stress some more. But this too shall pass. But in the meantime, I am one huge ball of worry!



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