Wednesday Hodgepodge – Solar eclipse week

1. Did you watch the solar eclipse? Your thoughts? Sun Chips, Moon Pies, Starburst candies, a Blue Moon beer, a Sunkist orange, or a Milky Way candy bar…what’s your favorite eclipse related snack on this list?

I did watch and I was a little unimpressed with the actual view but I thought the atmosphere was cool. It got a little darker but in a weird way and it also got cooler out.

I guess I would pick the Milky Way also because I love me some caramel.

2. What are you ‘over the moon‘ about these days? What’s something you enjoy doing every ‘once in a blue moon‘?

Hmm, well it’s hard to say I’m really super into any one thing right now but I guess I’ll go with one of my fave nXt stars coming to the main wrestling roster last night. I love Bobby Roode so much and I am glad he finally came up; the man is 40 and has been wrestling forever. Now he’s big-time!


Something I do once in a blue moon is…well, eat a candy bar. The first question got me going. Cracker Barrel had Whatchamacallits at the register and I LOVE that one. I had one last week!

3. Tell us about something in the realm of science that interests you. How do you feed that interest?

I’m going to say genetics in general. My son has a few special needs kids in his class and was asking about Asperger’s syndrome. So we got started talking about how genes work and why some people turn out how they do. I remember doing some kind of cool gene project in high school chemistry and it made more sense then as to how we all turn out in different and unique ways. It’s pretty fascinating. In terms of feeding it, I will read any article about it.

4. What are a few things you remember about going back to school as a child?

I remember always being excited to see my classroom and who was in my class – friend-wise. It was fun to me to see the new stuff and get to know a teacher. There was always a feeling of a fresh start at the beginning. And sometimes I still feel that as semester begin here on this college campus.

5. I’ve seen several versions of this around the net so let’s make one of our own…share with us five words that touch your soul and briefly tell us why.

Responsibility – makes me feel accomplished

Children – they annoy me but I love them so

Loyalty – what I admire in anyone who is

Prosperity – I’ve always liked the word itself but also, this is a great thing 

So there are sites that tell you untranslatable words that mean something specific. I have read these so many times and my favorite is Fernweh (German): Feeling homesick for a place you have never been to. I get this all the time and can never explain it but I think it does touch my soul in a way.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

It’s a “there’s not enough coffee in the world” kind of day already. I was behind the slowest drivers going through downtown, people blocked a major intersection, and then when I got to work, I realized Elliot left his lunchbox in the car. I plan to run it back up to the school around 10:30, so I have missed the major traffic there and at the middle school.

I have a million things to do at work and at home so I am making lists and trying to knock out as many as possible. I can do it – with the power of caffeine, I can do it.

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