MMMM + Productive and fun weekend

SO aside from the fact that a.) Starbucks was sold out of the breakfast sandwich I wanted and then b.) the Dunkin’ mobile app isn’t working and c.) it’s the start of Rush week so dumb sorority girls flock to my side of campus, I am feeling good after my weekend.

Ash and I had a very nice half day Friday; went to this local place, Flying Bear, and I had a great turkey melt and beer. They have some sick beer deals. We decided not to see a movie so we went home and watched something and napped before getting the kids. We packed up some stuff in prep for storage area runs all weekend.

Saturday, Ash and his buddy brewed two batches of beer and I cleaned and ate and drank beer. It was a nice day!

On Sunday we all ran, had bagels, then got started taking stuff. My back and arms hurt from moving heavy boxes but we are getting so much out of our house! The painters come next week and they’ll be doing the cabinets, kitchen walls, all doors and all baseboards and door jambs. So things have to be minimized!


Since it’s a freebie week, I am going to share a song that gets stuck in my head all the time. It’s from a wrestling youtube series and I just think it’s a great song! But I am biased and since it’s in every episode, it just becomes one of those things…

5 thoughts on “MMMM + Productive and fun weekend

  1. Okay, sounds like you had a very productive weekend! The introduction to this song for me was okay… guess I’m more of an old tune sorta gal. Enjoy the eclipse today, but make sure you have the right glasses. Big hugs and have a great rockin’ week!!!

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