Friday Five – Trying to stay afloat

  1. OMG it has been a long, busy week – from solo parenting a couple days, to all the stuff to prepare for FSU to go back into session Monday – and I am exhausted already. On top of that, getting adjusted at the chiro also makes you feel fatigued so there’s that.
  2. Both boys got their flag teams – Isaac is on the Patriots in the next league up and they apparently won their division last year; Ell is back on Coach Peter’s (Boulware) team – so we’re pretty happy. Isaac’s coach already sent every practice date – organized! – and I know Ell’s coach is good; he freaking won a Superbowl. So yeah, I’m hopeful for a good season.
  3. My oldest has so far this week forgotten his lunch and an important homework paper. I don’t know how to handle this; my immediate reaction is to be mad and ban him from something like his tablet but that’s probably not productive. I need some kind of plan to get him to remember his own stuff, to take responsibility for it.
  4. We have to practically empty our kitchen this weekend because the painters come Monday. They’ll be sanding and painting the cabinets, the walls, and then the doorjambs, etc throughout the house. I mean, we have to be READY. And I should have been doing more all week but hell, we are just busy.
  5. In about an hour, we have our fall meeting where I have to welcome back 150+ grad students and remind then of the stuff they need to know. It’s a big thing and I am just ready to get it over with and prepare, mentally, for all this stuff!!

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