13 Things – Stuff I love this week

Since I’ve had a weird couple weeks, I’m going with…

download (4)

…13 little things I have appreciated recently.

  1. The mashed potatoes I ate on the first day I could eat real food again after sickness
  2. The day I graded papers while listening to Jimmy Buffett. Just… nice
  3. The double rainbow we caught on the way to work
  4. The amazing sunset we saw Saturday night
  5. A huge BLT (w/ egg) I made for myself Tuesday night
  6. Getting all my kids’ school supplies on one Target run!
  7. My kids really enjoying the bungee thing at the mall; I love making them happy
  8. The prospect of getting our house fixed up to sell. Painters coming soon!
  9. Beating a really hard level in Soda Crush!
  10. My new self-propelled mower. Never had cutting the grass been so enjoyable
  11. hard Knocks on HBO. I love and have missed football
  12. Cleaning out closets. I love purging
  13. The breakdown of this dumb Google thing. The guy literally says X and the media specifically wrote that he DIDN’T say X. I love the media; the biggest bunch of morons to have ever existed. Anyway, I hope the guy wins his lawsuit. They had no business firing him.

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