MMMM + first day of school (for kids)

Yup, I took my kids this morning and had to come to terms with the fact that my oldest is in 5TH GRADE, my middle is in 2nd, and my baby is starting pre-k! Crazy, I tell you. Koda was super excited about being in that classroom and she had no problems with me leaving.

I took the boys next and again, Isaac was not nervous at all, which is a great feeling for a parent. You want your kids to be adjusted enough that they can handle you leaving. Elliot wanted me to walk him to his room but once we got there, he was not interested in saying goodbye or anything and he even said he was embarrassed. I wasn’t even doing anything! I guess it’s just that age.

We had a pretty productive weekend. After I took the boys to orientation, we got new shoes then went home for maybe 30 minutes before Ash and Koda got home and then we made a couple trips to the storage area. Since we are a.) having a good chunk of the home painted at the end of the month and then b.) planning to put it on the market soon, we are storing a good portion of our stuff. It’s pretty awesome because it’s making me clean out junk we don’t need and it’s basically halfway to moving. Things in storage will already be organized and packed so when we finally do find a new home, we can just make a trip there.

I am sore from all the moving but feel awesome about how much I cleaned this weekend.  I love being productive!


The theme this week are songs but a male name in them and I stumbled upon two that have similar themes.

7 thoughts on “MMMM + first day of school (for kids)

  1. Haven’t heard Hendrix in forever. It was nice to sit and listen to a classic for sure. WOW & Def Leppard… long time for that one too! TURN UP THE SPEAKERS! Good one! Thanks for jivin’ with us today my friend and don’t worry about the kids… they’re just growin’ up my friend!!!

  2. My grandson Blain will be in high school next year how the hell did that happen, they grow up so fast although when they are babies and don’t sleep it doesn’t feel that way

  3. Many apologies for the late dance, my friend. I didn’t know either of your song choices but I noticed the titles when doing research for my picks. Thanks for sharing and for joining the 4M gang this week. I hope the kids had a good first week back to school. I can’t believe school is in session again. Have a good weekend. It’s almost here!

  4. Oh I can so relate to the weeding out and moving. I’ve spent the last month getting my mom moved down here, dealing with selling her home, organizing her move and getting her settled into her new place. Not a fun venture for sure. But you’re doing it smart: getting everything packed and organized and in storage. Good job.

    Like your song choices for this theme. I hadn’t heard this Def Leppard song before. It’s good. Love the Hendrix song. Such a classic.

    Hopefully you’ll get to stop by my place and check out my post on songs with male names…

    Michele at Angels Bark

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