Back to the land of the living

Whether it was all-out food poisoning or just a random stomach bug, I have essentially been dead to the world since about 10:30 yesterday morning. The worst part were the weird hot and cold chills. And even now, I get really hot out of the blue.  It’s such a weird experience.

I did manage to drag myself to Target because Dakota’s birthday party is Saturday. Oh how much I have to get done! My house is a mess, there’s a sink full of dishes, my parents are staying here so I have to make Isaac’s room extra tidy. I’m trying not to panic that there’s a high probability I will forget to do something.

It’s always weird when a sickness breaks up your week. I am behind but I have in some weird way enjoyed sitting here. I mean, I felt like trash the whole time but I liked watching some TV and looking outside at midday. I’m never home in the middle of the week. Because I was emotionally fragile due to the sickness, I found myself tearing up over commercials about families or backyards or vacations. They were all so idyllic and perfect and made me want to enjoy my kids and go away for the weekend.

August is always an odd transition time. The kids will go back to school mid-month and things fire up for me at the end. We get back to our normal routines and adjust to new teachers, classes, teams, etc. I’m ready for it at the same time as I dread the insanity. But I am really happy that I am feeling better – not 100% – but on the mend.Maybe tomorrow I can eke out a Thursday 13. Though Dakota goes to the doctor at 9:30 and then my boss has her end of summer picnic. I’ll be busy!

One thought on “Back to the land of the living

  1. I often say I do not have time to be sick, being sick throws my day or week out of wack and I don’t like it, also don’t like the whole sick feeling either. I hope you continue to feel better over the next couple of days

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