Thursday 13 – What I’m into lately

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I feel like it was just Thursday; this must be an indication that time is passing way too quickly. Anyway, let’s make another list of 13, this time about…

Things I have really been enjoying lately

  1. Please see my Wednesday post but that corn salsa thing has been rocking my world lately! It’s essentially just corn cut off the cob, butter, lime, chili powder and queso fresco.
  2. On that note, cilantro lime rice. Much like that of Chipotle, it’s so easy to make and I sometimes add chicken or black beans and it just tastes so good to me.
  3. Softsoap Coconut Quench body wash. Every summer I pick up a bottle of this because it’s so refreshing and I love how it smells especially after I have been in the sun all day. It’s a quintessential summer scent. 18200ff9-65ff-4026-a774-8d2a1bdc9d12.png.w960
  4. The Ben Shapiro show. Yeah, I listen to this conservative but he explains current events to me in a way that makes sense. I don’t really trust most news outlets so this way, I can keep up and find out what’s going on in this crazy country.
  5. Evening thunderstorms. I am not one to really love the rain but something about the evening ones I enjoy. They come on fast, are violent, and make everything menacingly dark. But then when they end, the sky has a strange yellowy or purply hue and then the world goes back to normal.
  6. How exhausted my kids are from camp. It’s very satisfying to know they played hard all day and come home worn. Parents love this about kids.
  7. Not feeling like I’m trapped in my office anymore. When I was avoiding my friend, I didn’t go outside much because I just felt so embarrassed. Now that things are patched up, I can roam freely once more.
  8. Deep Relief roll on from Young Living. It’s an essential oil blend for muscle pain but I got it because people say it’s good for bone spurs. Not sure it is making the thing go away but it does help.
  9. Weekends. Yeah, I know that sounds insane; who doesn’t enjoy a weekend? But I used to feel sort of put out by them. They involved cleaning and sometimes bratty kids and they felt exhausting in a way a break should not. But lately, I have really enjoyed my balance of both housework and absolute chill. I’m learning to appreciate just being; just sitting and appreciating my time away from the office.
  10. Duncan Heinz dessert for one – specifically, coffee cake. I hardly ever even keep sweets in the house but I got these one a whim and this one is super good. You microwave it in a coffee mug and it’s perfect. Without running, I don’t really need to be indulging but they’ve been making me happy regardless. DH_CinnamonCoffeeCake_310x410.png
  11. OK, another “weird” one is… my kids. Even though they can be really infuriating – fighting over the sink in the morning, trying to egg each other on – they’ve also been really good too. I took my oldest (10) to the dentist yesterday and he shockingly mature. Isaac (7) is such a good helper when he wants to be. He thinks ahead and finds things for people. Dakota (almost 4) is in a phase where she plays by herself for long periods of time. It’s been an enjoyable summer.
  12. This youtube channel about food at Disney. I haven’t been in a while so watching videos about it makes me happy. I am hoping that if/when we go to Legoland in October, my mom and sister can coordinate and the three of us can spend a day at EPCOT for Food and Wine. That would make me so happy.
  13. Kauai coffee. I am pretty sure this is exactly what I had when we went to the Big Island in 2015 and now they make it in k-cups! It’s so good, you guys.

3 thoughts on “Thursday 13 – What I’m into lately

  1. Well, I wrote you an epistle about the media, but I deleted it. I think I will take it over to my blog and turn it into a blog post instead of hijacking your comment page. Thanks for playing Thursday 13.

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