MMMM + balanced weekend

I kinda didn’t want to go to work today; at least, that was the sentiment as I got in bed last night. I feel ok today but it was one of those mornings where things felt… clunky. But here I am and let’s reminisce about the weekend, shall we?

I love my office (for the time being) because our soon-to-be retired boss lets us go early on Fridays in the summer. I actually hung around a little while getting stuff done then went to Publix. I hadn’t had lunch so by 2, I was starving and completely unmotivated to utilize my time wisely. So I watched Bones reruns and napped. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon in the house alone. Ash and I got close to finishing the first season of Spartacus that night but I was too tired.

Saturday was made for simply hanging out. Though I ended up mowing early then everyone else pulled weeds. We had Mexican afterwards and I cannot even remember the afternoon. Pretty sure it rained so no one really did anything. But we did finish Spartacus and I am telling you, it puts Game of Thrones to shame. It actually gets shit done; people don’t just TALK about what they’re planning.

Sunday morning I did laundry and finished mowing the back yard. Ash cleaned out his kegs and the kids played. In fact, it was an overall enjoyable day. I made a big lunch and then around four, the boys and I went to the civic center to see wrestling. So much fun! I hadn’t been to a house show in forever. The pros of them is that there’s no tv timeouts and it starts earlier in the afternoon. The cons, obviously, is that not everyone is there. BUT, only two big names were absent and I know one guy is in the Philippines shooting a movie. We had floor seats and we couldn’t see as well as other places but we were close to them as they came down the ramp. I’m going to mention this probably every day I blog but after the very last match, my fave wrestler, AJ Styles, was leaving and going around to everyone and Ell and I were able to get to the barrier and I touched him! I know that sounds crazy but he’s legit one of my all-time faves (and arguably the best in WWE right now; let’s not get started on best wrestler in all promotions. 😉 )

Right after, we met up with my friend and her girlfriend to watch wrestlers go to their cars and leave. Lots of people waiting there but we saw Charlotte, Becky, Rusev, Sami, and AJ leave with his wife. It was a fun time and I am glad we went.



The theme this week is European favorites so um I don’t think I can let this week go without spotlighting some of the best bands to ever forge the way in the world of Heavy Metal.

First up, Judas Priest.

I remember this interview with Halford where he talked about hearing the pneumatic sounds of factories when he sat in school as a boy and that sort of worked itself into the feel of each song. Pretty cool origin story, Rob!

Black Sabbath also had a similar start. Tony Iommi worked in a factory and on his very last day, he went home for lunch then started to think he’d just skip the rest of the day. But his mom told him he’d better finish out the day. He went back and got a finger stuck in a machine, mangling his hand, ruining his guitar playing. But he rehabbed himself, got back to being a guitar god, and the rest was history.

11 thoughts on “MMMM + balanced weekend

  1. Thanks for making Monday fun by joining the 4M on the dance floor. Where heavy metal mewsic goes I’m clueless. Naturally, I know both bands by name but the first song I don’t believe I’ve heard before and the second one I might have heard in part. Who knows maybe you shared it in the past and that’s where I heard it. lol I love Mexican food!! We got some take home from Casa Don Gallo’s. This is the first time in three years we’ve eaten there. It was good but Chuy’s is still our favorite. Have a good week and keep on boogieing!

    1. We like Chuy’s too! Ash and I were going for lunch during the week and bemoaning no specials and then, one day, lunch specials appeared. Yay!

  2. Black Sabbath and Judas Priest! Two great choices for today’s MMMM Theme. I may be biased, though, as I do like old school heavy metal. Sounds like you had a great weekend.

  3. I LOVE War Pigs!! Such a great song. I love the drums in War Pigs. And it takes me right back to cruisin’ around in my ’71 Monte Carlo with my 8-track blasting Black Sabbath’s Paranoid and Sabotage albums!

    I forgot about Judas Priest! Haven’t heard any of their stuff in a while. I didn’t recognize the song you presented though.

    Those were both cool backstories you shared, especially about the factory sounds inspiration. Good stuff!

    Have a great week,

    Michele at Angels Bark

  4. Great selections. I, also, forgot about Judas Priest. Now, Black Sabbath, I like some of their stuff and Ozzy Osbourne also, and this is one of my favs. For my entry, I came close to putting a song by Rammstein in there but I finally decided…nah, better not. Nice to hear some metal today.

  5. Hmmmm Very interesting I’d say, but not much into Black Sabbath & Judas Priest. Hubby being in a band just does Rock & Roll, but you sure liven the place up my friend!!! THANKS for rockin’ with us and have a great week! BIG HUGS!

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