MMMM + exhausting weekend

Seriously, I was TIRED this weekend. On Friday, Ash and I had our half day wherein we went back to one of our new faves, Flying Bear, for beer and burgers. Actually, I had a turkey melt with some kind of honey mayo and spinach… it was so good! The beer made me sleepy so I did miss some of the new Spiderman but caught most of it. It was… ok. I’m not a huge Spidey fan as is so you know, that affects my review. Anywho, got the kids then it poured rain, which made for an evening inside doing not much.

On Saturday, we worked out and cleaned and then Ash was at a card tournament in the afternoon. I took the kids to Chik-fil-a then Target, where we got stuck in a torrential downpour trying to leave. Sigh. I let the kids sit on the couch after that, huddled under blankets. Ash wasn’t very late so I made everyone dinner and he got to work making sure he had all the stuff for a potential brew the next day.

And on Sunday, brew we did. Ash is a researcher; he will spend week learning how to do a project and then acquires the necessary equipment, etc. We started early, maybe 8:45, and got to work boiling the wort, etc. It took us until about noon before all was said and done and then I had an afternoon of cooking. Ash always requests a Thanksgiving type meal for his birthday so I obliged. It turned out really well!

Back to the beer… we thought we messed up the final step – the yeast –  because a.) we had to reconstitute it but there were limited directions and b.) the fermentation bottle did not bubble at first. But after a couple hours, it got to bubbling and hopefully this one will turn out much better!

It bothers me that I really didn’t want to go to work today. That is entirely unlike me; I like the relative quiet of my job and the feeling of accomplishment when I am done. But I really dreaded  it today!


OK, freebie week. I do love these but sometimes I struggle to pick something. I guess today I will pick two songs I recently had stuck in my head for some reason.

6 thoughts on “MMMM + exhausting weekend

  1. Nice to meet you! 🙂 Brewing your own beer sounds interesting. Those are two familiar and enjoyable songs, although I’ve only heard the second one performed by Joan Jett before. The Runaways do it well, also. Hope you get some rest and enjoy the rest of the week. Cheers!

  2. Boy do I know about tired! I ended up having to work on Saturday, and that just wipes me out for most of the weekend. I thought I had plenty of rest yesterday, but I struggled to get out of bed this morning. Great song picks for today! Enjoyed them both.

  3. Haven’t been feeling to well was just diagnosed with cellulits and it’s a bummer for sure. Anyways… you’ve rocked the house for sure and sorry I’m so late in getting over here. Thanks again for joining us…. you’re the best!! BIG HUGS

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