Friday Five – Another weekend approaches

  1. Coming to you from late Thursday afternoon. I’m leaving in a bit to pick up Elliot’s test scores from the school but for now, I am avoiding the lemonade stand still. I am definitely over my friend drama (Been nearly 3 weeks) and feel like the best way to move forward is to carry on as normal. However, I am nervous about seeing her again. I went by yesterday on my way out – well after she would have closed up for the day anyway – and noticed their out of town sign was still there. I’m thinking maybe because of the shortened week they didn’t work. Sadly, this just means I can avoid it a bit longer but that doesn’t make it any better.
  2. I realized today that the kids have roughly five weeks until they go back to school. How are we this far into summer? I keep feeling like we haven’t done enough summer things but we’ve been to the beach a bunch, we’ve sat in our little blow-up pool, and we have eaten at least 100 popsicles. We’ve spotted fireflies in the backyard, jumped on the trampoline until it was too hot then went inside to eat more popsicles. I’ve mowed my lawn approximately 30 times in 5 weeks (that’s an estimation) so I’m pretty sure we’re doing SUMMER THINGS. But still, I feel like time is slipping through my fingers.
  3. I have GOT to get back to running but OMG it is hot. Yesterday’s “real feel” was 105! And yes, I have an elliptical in my room and could work out whenever I wanted; but I find that to be so dreadfully boring even WITH something to watch on TV. I am sure once I finally drag my ass to the machine once, I will feel motivated to continue but for the moment, I am just feeling so blah about it. (Friday: I worked out last night and I felt so much more motivated in the evening!)
  4. Getting back to school stuff, I realized today that I better put some money aside for back-to-school stuff for the kids. And not just the basic supplies. I know they both are going to need shoes and probably some clothes. It’s always one of those things that catches me off guard.
  5. We’re going to try and brew our second batch of beer this Sunday. We drank the first one we made the other night (the one from a cheap kit from Bed, Bath, and Beyond) and it was ok. I graded it a C-; it wasn’t God-awful but it also wasn’t great. Ash has actual equipment for the process now so hopefully it’ll turn out better!

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