Sometimes I need to make lists – and this one is to get to feelin’ better

I’ve really been struggling with happiness lately. Actually, I have gone through a variety of emotions – I was sad, disappointed, then accepting. I was actually pretty ok over the weekend. But then I woke up Tuesday feeling at a loss. Nothing was making me inherently happy. I had a dour outlook on life and found it very difficult to turn my attitude around. Over the weekend when I was feeling better, I started thinking about all the great stuff in my life – all the little things that make it easier yet complex and truly blessed. I thought it might be nice to try and detail them in hopes I can continue feeling at peace with everything.

I once blogged about a book I read and I want this entry to follow those lines: little things that bring about that feeling of pure happiness, wonder, contentedness.

  • Whenever a child randomly wants a hug. Sometimes the frenetic nature of our lives means I don’t always take time to appreciate their love but these little moments force me to see them and cherish them.
  • The song “Don’t Stop” by Fleetwood Mac. Heard it a million times but it came on the radio the other day at a particularly vulnerable time for me. Its words really struck a chord at that moment. Sometimes we can’t look back, especially if what’s done is done and you know the only way is to look forward to the next day.
  • Evening beer. You know me, I’m a beer drinker anyway. But sometimes after a rough day, one beer is such a nice refreshing get-away from the stress.
  • My house. Even though we need to move to get more living space, I really do like it. It was a great starter home and has its charms.
  • The feeling after a run. Sadly, I have not been able to do this lately because of my heel but I think about how exhilarating it is to push my body to the limits. I love the sweat, the exertion, the finishing it and knowing I worked out and the rest of the day is mine.
  • The exact moment when I realize my coffee has kicked in. It’s a magical time.
  • When one of my favorite songs comes on the radio and I’m driving alone, maybe on a very curvy road. Something about the way I handle my car on turns and blast a very good piece of music is freeing.
  • My photo collection. I’ve been good about taking pics for years now and we store and backup and make sure they’re safe. A portion of those go up on flickr and sometimes when I am feeling low, I scroll through. The chronological order of everything we’ve done makes me feel accomplished and thankful.
  • Sunshine! I feel like Superman sometimes because I am recharged by the sun.
  • When I realize that my list has finally put me in a good mood.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes I need to make lists – and this one is to get to feelin’ better

  1. Sometimes things work against our happiness we have to be able to push those things aside and be happy just not always easy as at times those things blocking happiness weigh a bloody ton

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