Recollections to move forward

During the summer between 8th grade and high school, I went to this little place in Canada named Cobden with a friend of mine. We stayed in a cabin on a lake and swam, hiked, met some boys, and hung out with her grandparents. On her grandparents’ coffee table was a book with a title like “1000 Things to be Happy About.” Since there was only one bathroom, my friend, her brother and I would go there in the mornings to shower and while I waited for one of them to finish, I read through this little book.

Ever since then, I have had this notion to publish a similar text in which I pinpointed a bunch of things of this sort and then, when I came across one that prompted a specific memory, I would launch into a brief vignette, in memoir fashion. I don’t know if I will ever finish this, but last night I was feeling pretty down and while writing in my journal, I started a list of things I was thankful for/took a small amount of joy from.

This began when I looked down at my hardwood floors and decided that I really love them. Then this list:

  • The day of the month when my issue of Martha Stewart Living arrives
  • Episodes of Friends coming on just when you felt like watching it
  • Big glasses of water
  • The little purple flowers that are growing in my yard
  • Elliot’s giggling when he’s getting into trouble
  • Pedicures
  • New pens/books to write in
  • When the house is neat and tidy
  • Drinking my vitamins each morning from a small mason jar
  • Blasting the radio in my car on the drive home.
  • Real World/Road Rules Challenge, on Mtv
  • Buying comics on Wednesdays
  • This fangirl drawing. Note: Nightwing’s boxers = OMGCUTE.
  • That time right before sunset (yes, dusk, I know) when everything is bathed in a warm orange

That’s only a brief list of course. Over the years, I have accumulated so many scraps of paper, partial text documents, and random journal pages with bullet points that I could put into this if I ever got motivated enough. For now, I just use these as little reminders to be happy, not sulk, and enjoy life while I can. I find lately that it goes much too quickly to waste time on being depressed.

8 thoughts on “Recollections to move forward

  1. -Finding the perfect yarn for the perfect project.
    -Catching Hunter singing to himself in his car seat via rear view mirror.
    -Taking that first sip of coffee in the morning.
    -Figuring out something on the computer that took me HOURS to accomplish and it actually looks good!
    -Taking naps on the weekends.
    -Trying on a pair of jeans that I thought were too small and some how they fit again! (this is VERY rare, but a real treat when it DOES happen)
    -That feeling you get after a really good/long/exhausting run.
    -Having a dance party with my son and husband.
    -When my husband surprises me with an awesome dinner.
    -A clean and tidy house – who doesn’t LOVE this?!?!

    That’s what I have for now. It’s all too easy to fall into a funk and I am guilty of letting it get the best of me at times. There are many little things in life that make me happy and I just need to remember these when the funk creeps its way in…

  2. Hmm. We drink moonshine from small mason jars around here! That’ll certainly put some zing in your morning! LOL. Nice list. It is good to remember the things that are good about living.

  3. Great list! I’m with you on the dusk, pedicures, and the blasting the radio in the car. I would also like to add scented candles, seeing your child really happy, the feel of the cool breeze when you’re hot, and walking in the rain.

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