Random Tuesday – birds, observations, come on get happy

  • Well, in case you were wondering, I am feeling a heck of a lot better than I did last week. It took me a bit to get to a comfortable place and to feel semi-back to normal. My friend may still harbor ill thoughts about it but I have said my piece and come to a place of peace within myself. It’s all I can do, you know? We make mistakes and learn lessons. That’s life. However, since it IS Tuesday, I feel a bit blah. I don’t know what it is about Tuesdays but they typically suck.
  • I had a pretty darn good weekend but I am dealing with beach fallout: a little bit of a burned back. I almost feel like it might be unavoidable. Because I sure as heck lathered myself up good. The sun is just too strong!
  • So about 6-8 months ago there was a very mad mockingbird that took up residence in a tree on my walk into work. I watched it attack multiple other people and it hit me a few times too. After a few weeks, he went away but now, in one of the other faculty parking lots, there’s a few more back at it. In fact, someone has crafted a sign that says “Angry birds!” and has an actual photo of angry birds from the game. I haven’t read the smaller print on the sign because I don’t want to stop long enough. That bird will get me!
  • Isn’t it funny how sometimes the most mundane memory will make you feel calm or content? Ash got into perler beads a couple months ago and for some reason, I randomly remembered a time we went from hobby store to hobby store, looking for just the right colors so he could make some old video game characters. The feeling of this struck me in such a way that I felt so damn pleased.

Time for Tuesday chat!

Three things on your Summer To Do List.

I’ve done a bunch of these lately so I’m going to go a bit of a different route this time.

  1. Find a way to be happy. Sometimes I get the summer blues. They’re born out of the lack of money and the afternoons storms that darken the sky and make everything feel dull and muted. I know some people just love the rain but it makes me feel sad. So a goal of mine is to get my mind right: find something that turns my mood around. Maybe make a list of good things?
  2. Write more. In my personal journal, this blog, and my fiction. It makes me happy so why not?
  3. As our host said: take more pictures. It certainly is easy to stop taking the “big camera” everywhere with you. I find that I only do it when we are on a major vacation or at some specific event. But what’s stopping me from taking pics of silly things the kids do at home? Dakota and Isaac were playing in a bog box yesterday and I knew I should snap it… but I didn’t. Why do we do that?? Urg.

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