MMMM + Need a weekend for my weekend

Blargh. Woke up feeling less than stellar because I was up late. Watching Wrestlemania from about 6 until 12 was exhausting. On top of that, my entire weekend was packed full. Let’s begin: Friday was a half day but the morning at work was actually quite busy. The TAs had a couple deadlines to turn things in to me so I had to help last minute straggler types. (There’s always a few.) Finally I was able to leave and Ash and I went to Carrabba’s. I love their lettuce wraps and soup. It was a satisfying yet light lunch.

We went to the mall next to see Ghost in the Shell, which I thought was actually pretty good. I hadn’t seen the anime in a while but Ash had so it was relatively accurate. Got the kids after then went home to make dinner before taking Elliot to baseball. It was a late night; I left the field at 8:40 and had I know Elliot was going to spend the night, I could have left earlier!

Ash woke up pretty early because he had the Springtime 10k at 8. I had planned to go with him but stayed back to feed the younger two. We left soon after to park and meet him at the race end. I love this run because there is a ton of beer! They have kegs flowing for the folks who ran. I wore my Tallahassee half marathon shirt so I could partake. I know they don’t check but I like to justify it. I didn’t run this race but I have run a lot before! So yeah, we were sort of half-drunk before 10 am! Once we were done socializing and all, we walked up to Monroe street for the Springtime parade, which is our city’s best parade, truth be told. The kids had fun gathering candy and beads and we had a nice time just hanging out in the shade and watching the floats.

We headed home to change then went back out to Sonny’s. Meanwhile, Elliot was with his friends, eating sushi. They dropped him back off in the afternoon and I sort of got a nap in before heading back out to run errands. I felt so tired and just blah all evening. Just a long day!

Sunday morning we woke up,  had big breakfast, then decided we would go to the beach. We’d discussed it the day before but weren’t sure. Ended up going to Bald point state park, which is only an hour away, as opposed to our normal destination which is nearly two hours. The day was a bit cloudy but we had a very nice time. I still got a little tanned and the kids did have fun. AND we got home around 2 and I had plenty of time to get laundry, grading, and some cleaning done. In fact, I washed Todd, painted a wall, and made dinner all before Wrestlemania started! SO yeah, super busy and I’m dreaming about a nap.



I like freebie weeks but at the same time, I am kind of at a loss. I guess since Wrestling is a theme this week for me, I’ll share a couple themes I like. Here’s two from nXt: Revival and Shinsuke Nakamura.

4 thoughts on “MMMM + Need a weekend for my weekend

  1. YOU HAVE TOTALLY ROCK THE HOUSE!!!! Dang Girl, I think you rocked the roof off! bwahahahaha YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!! Wrestling huh? Gonna have to check it out!!!

  2. Glad to hear your weekend was a good one which sounds rather busy. Carrabba’s a good place to get dinner. I like their lasagne. Thanks for dancing with the 4M crew. Your first mewsic selection was a bit too heavy for my ears but I enjoyed the second one – nice choice! I’m participating in the A2Z challenge this month and if you’d like to check out my Art Sketching Through the Alphabet series, then you can begin with Monday and you can dance with me, too! 🙂 Have a great week!

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