Friday Five – Post-vaycay, running and better eating

Five Things:

  1. I’m not feeling sad about being back from vacation anymore. I have moved into the phase of just being thankful I got one and renewed in my motivation to plug away at daily living. But I am a bit sad that we don’t have another actual paid vacation until the end of May!
  2. I’m dying for a quick beach trip but looking at the next three weekends at least, we’re busy each and every one.  We have races and practice and my brother-in-law is scheduled to come next weekend, though he’s been having headache issues and unsure at this point. Even still, no time!
  3. My across the street neighbor died a couple nights ago, apparently from cancer. She was pretty old and when we got back from NY, she had a lot of people in and out of her home. I feel kind of bad because I would normally send flowers or something but I don’t know who I would send them to. Her son is mentally challenged and lives… somewhere in town. And I found out she has a sister here but I don’t know where she is either. Ugh. It’s a dilemma.
  4. I wasn’t going to run yesterday but I ended up doing sprints. Man, those will wear you out! But I am feeling particularly fat this week – just in my stomach – so I had to do something. I’m also planning to do a four miler on Saturday. I’ve got to get back to good eating and longer runs.
  5. We’re going to Carrabba’s for lunch and I am craving their spicy chicken soup and their lettuce wraps. It sounds so good right now!

Five Photos:



Strawberry gin fizz I drank on my birthday




Rainy this morning



Nintendo Store


Detail of the graffiti in a NY bathroom

OK the fifth photo won’t post and WordPress is being weird. See you next week!


One thought on “Friday Five – Post-vaycay, running and better eating

  1. It’s sad when some dies and we don’t know the family well enough to be able to send flowers or a sympathy card my sister’s patners mother died last week and her funeral is on Monday I will be going because she was a lovely old lady

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