Random Tuesday – Home stuff, beachy, risky

Stacy Uncorked
  • I was a complete waste at work yesterday; I was in no mood to actually do work, I was tired, and my brain wasn’t in the right place. I do feel like I’m a little better today but our weather is still crap. Weather affects me so much, it’s not even funny.
  • We have finally gotten motivated to paint in the kitchen. We put a coat of white on the wood paneling in the kitchen and it looks like this:20170402_173442
  • I think a couple coats will do it but it’ll look sort of beachy/rustic.
  • Speaking of beachy, I am SO glad we were able to get away to Bald Point this weekend. Even though there was a line of gross vegetation on the sand, it was still a wonderful little beach. The water was calm and shallow and the bathrooms were even clean. I don’t know if we’ll go to St. George as often now with this one being closer. And kinda better.
  • Isaac, eleven days shy of his seventh birthday, learned to tie his shoes. Admittedly, we didn’t really work much with him and then ten minutes of hard practice and he got it!
  • You know what I have been listening to lately? A lot of Fleetwood Mac. They’re one of my all-time favorite bands and it’s really thanks to Spotify that I can sit here and enjoy their entire songbook. Do you listen to music at work? I am thankful I have a job that affords me time to do it.
  • Because our weekend was so busy, I did not find time to run and uh, that cannot keep happening. I am planning a three miler for this afternoon, since Tuesday/Thursday is when we’re baseball-free. I’m eating healthier and running some but I still feel like I am gaining weight; ugh.
  • OK Tuesday Chat time!

Foolish Me — 
What’s the silliest or craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Man, I am sure there are some things out there that I thought were crazy at the time, like when I stole a traffic cone from right out in front of a gas station. Or when we tried to surreptitiously make a documentary about hookers… without them really consenting. Some people may think that ziplining is crazy or that having three kids is crazy! But I’m going to tell the story of the time I got into a car with total strangers.

I *think* it was 1999 and a band called the Get Up Kids were coming to a little venue, the Cow Haus, in Tallahassee. My roommate said she’d go with me, though she wasn’t into emo music. At the very last minute, she decided to bail. I wasn’t really that outgoing so I wasn’t up for going alone. Sad and defeated, I went up to the gas station. While pumping, I played the band’s music loudly, windows open. A group of kids in a beat up junker of a car pulled up next to me and I averted my eyes; I felt a kind of kindred spirit in their dress and age but didn’t know how to engage.

As they got gas and chattered away amongst themselves, the driver noticed me and my music and approached, asking if I was going to the show. I explained my situation and she totally invited me to go with them. Of course I hesitated; I didn’t know them from Adam and you know how they ram stranger danger down your throat in school. But they were my age; what could it hurt? So I agreed, they followed me back to my apartment, then I hopped in their car and took off.

The show itself was amazing and I actually ended up running into a guy a knew in high school, Knolly, and we stood together some of the time. At the end of the night, the girl who asked me, I think her name was Erica, gave me her number and said we should hang out.

Did I ever call her? Nah. Did I have a great time? Yes! For years I thought about how crazy it was to just hop in their car and go but I was also proud that I did something “on the edge” and didn’t let anything hold me back.

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Home stuff, beachy, risky

  1. Would totally have got in the car. LOL
    But it would have been a Duran Duran concert.. baawwhh I definitely just dated myself. horribly. ha.
    Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere! my jam. 🙂

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