MMMM + Sometimes we just don’t learn

Oh Lordy, I am a little worse for wear today. I am mostly recovered from Saturday night but I think I still a bit flagged. It’s mostly due to stress about the end of my week but still, I overdid it a bit.

Ash and I went out to lunch Friday and then used our time to finish watching Westworld, which I would recommend! It was a pretty cool story and done very well. I want to say I even liked it more than Game of Thrones but their advantage is telling one singular story in only 10 episodes.

We had nothing going on that night so I was able to go to Target by myself! Kind of a miracle, truth be told.

Saturday, Ash ran his normal weekend long run because we had evening plans. The day was relaxing and around 6:30, he and I left to meet up with folks for my friend’s 40th birthday. Good times; we ate at a local Italian restaurant. Even though the original plan had been to go to Proof, a brewery, we ended up going to a place with dancing. I HATE dancing but we had a good time. I’d had enough to drink that I could stomach it. My friend’s husband didn’t want anyone to go – didn’t want the fun to end – so that last drink he bought us was the one that put me over. Ah well; how often do ya turn 40? Just the once. 🙂

Sunday was recovery day: lots of water and we took a walk on a local trail. Fresh air also helped. I did laundry and we hung around a lot watching movies. All in all, a really enjoyable weekend.

Now, I have to think about my week: get stuff done at work and then make sure I am packed and ready to go to NY by week’s end. It looks like it might be slightly warmer than anticipated so I’m pretty happy about that!


Freebie Week! Only one song for you but it’s a good one.

So I watch a guy on Youtube who does a variety of videos, from political rants to comic reviews to a series called Metal Mythos. This weekend, he looked at the career of a metal band named Grim Reaper who emerged at the end of the NWOBHM era.

I had heard of them but never listened to them. They have more of a melodic sound and I really dig this song.


6 thoughts on “MMMM + Sometimes we just don’t learn

  1. Sounds like you had one of those me weekends… I use to love that time when my kids were growing up!!! Shopping alone was definitely a treat. hahaha… Glad you had a great time at the B-Party too. Thanks for the introduction to your tune. YOU ROCK!

  2. I remember those days when getting out by myself without the kids was a relaxing, refreshing treat. The funny thing is I do miss the hectic days with all three kiddies a wee bit. You don’t know what have until it’s gone. Enjoy the madness while it lasts! 😉 For a metal band this song isn’t too bad. Thanks for the intro!

    I invite you to visit Curious as a Cathy for a little mewsic and learn about my AprilA2Z challenge theme reveal!

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