Friday Five – Just some stuff


  1. I am in a surprisingly happy mood today. I think as a mom/wife/full-time worker, I tend to get wrapped up in the day to day minutiae. So it’s awfully promising when I can see my own life clearly. I tell you what struck me the other day. I texted my friend – who also happens to be my son’s baseball coach – about potentially not making it to batting practice on time. Her response? “No worries; I’m just enjoying being alive.” WOW. I wish I had that outlook on a day to day basis!
  2. I’m such a nerd; I was reading an article in Smithsonian magazine about Vikings while in the Honda waiting area. When my car was done, I was not quite done with the article. I was thrilled to be able to go back the next day for my tire and finish it.
  3. I’m in awe of the fact that this Spring Break week went so quickly. I DID get stuff done but still, time passed at a phenomenally quick pace.
  4. My favorite shave ice place is just about to open for the season (truth be told, it was warm enough this year they could have stayed open) and I am so excited for snowcones.
  5. I’m craving pizza and wouldn’t you know, we’re going to an Italian place tomorrow night for my friend’s 40th birthday. I’m a little nervous about it; I’ve known her a long time and our kids have hung out but she has invited all these couples I don’t know. Those kinds of situations make me nervous!

No time for photos; have to finish up some work and then go home!

3 thoughts on “Friday Five – Just some stuff

  1. I love pizza! There’s a great plave here in NYC called Margherita’s Pizza. Its a mom and pop place but they’ve been open since the ’60s and their customers are very loyal. They even have their original cash register which give s the ambience a sort of diner feel. If you’re ever in NY, I suggest you try it. It’s in Queens and I promise you won’t be sorr.

    1. Coincidentally, I WILL be in NY next week. I don’t think we’ll be in Queens though. The last time we visited these friends they did live there but this is just their wedding. Thanks for the tip though!

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