Thursday mish-mash

There’s no Hodgepodge this week so I’ll create my own mix.

I love how one of the hot button topics of late is the whole Global Warming crisis – oh wait, I’m sorry; CLIMATE CHANGE. We can no longer call it warming because IT’S NOT WARM!

And indeed, it isn’t warm here today. One week ago, we had temps in the 80s. All the flowers started blooming and the Springtime allergy crud fired up full force. And then that Northeastern blizzard blew in and even Northern Florida is cold. It was 29 this morning; twenty nine! I’m a bit sad about this because I was starting to feel that pull to the beach. My Pinterest started shifting from cheeseburgers and wrestlers to images of surf and sand. We don’t have any free weekends coming up but I am mentally plotting a beach trip. I guarantee that in a couple more weeks, we’ll be in summertime for the foreseeable future.


I have been a little lazy this week – allowed myself to be – because no one is here for Spring Break. Staff have to be here but we get the respite of not having much work to do. It’s both good and bad because I needed the mental break but also, I feel so unaccomplished.


Do you ever keep watching a show even though you don’t really like it? I mean, I’m watching Rick and Morty and though it is amusing, I’m not all that keen on it. It has some funny moments but it sometimes goes into Family Guy lack-of-humor territory.


We are also churning our way through Westworld, which is a lot better than I thought. I am starting to not like a few of the ways the stories are going but it’s still a very interesting concept. I wonder if we ever will make robots that are so close to humans that we won’t be able to tell the difference.


I’m still loving my new standing desk at work, especially since I got a squishy mat too. I feel entirely comfortable standing up instead of hunching over. I also feel like I’m not just wasting away with my ass in the chair.




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