Random Tuesday – Oils, bugs, clean-up, and need a break

Stacy Uncorked
  • Took my car in this morning for an oil change and it’s very satisfying to get things all up to snuff, you know? I need a tire but they didn’t have one so I have to go back tomorrow.
  • I got into my office and what did I see? A gigantic roach! I never see bugs in here so it was disconcerting. I went to stomp on it but it wriggled under my desk; under the very tiny part. UGH. Got my canned air out to try and get him to come out but he’d already moved and I was able to squash him.
  • Listen to this crap (literally) : I got home yesterday after getting the kids and it was still pouring rain. I let the dog out and he came back in, a big glop of poop on his foot. SO, I had to wash him and then the floor. About 20 mins later, he somehow decided to pee in the bathroom – half on the floor and half on both rugs. UGH. THEN, when Ash was giving Dakota her bath, he placed his bourbon tumbler on the corner of the sink. I warned him that it could easily slide off and of course, he scoffed, claiming he puts glasses there all the time. Well, about five minutes later, I heard the crash. The glass didn’t actually break but liquor went everywhere and he chipped the toilet. I didn’t foresee that much cleaning on a Monday evening!
  • It went and got all cold again. I know not as bad as the NE people with their blizzard and all but low 30s is cold considering we were having mid to upper 80s!
  • I wish we could go to the beach, get away, take a break, but it isn’t possible right now. Sadly. I am really feeling that pull to unplug. Hopefully soon I will be able to find a moment to destress.

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Oils, bugs, clean-up, and need a break

  1. Oh maaaaaaaaaaan! All that cleaning would have driven me insane! And what is it about husband’s who don’t listen? Glad his tumbler didn’t break, but cleaning up the spillage is never fun – plus he chipped the toilet?! That’s one strong tumbler!! šŸ™‚ Hope this next week goes way more smoother!

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