MMMM + Spiraling out of control!

OK OK, my life isn’t THAT crazy. I did throw a bit of caution to the wind on Friday. Ash was going to Mexican for lunch and the plan was to meet up then go back to work until about 2 or and then run errands. It was the last school day before Spring Break for both public schools and the university. Well, I got to the restaurant and since we had our normal waiter, he just went ahead and brought what I always order: a tall Dos Equis Amber. And so, I decided I was drinking after all, went back to my office to get my things, then went home with my husband. It wasn’t his plan to do that either but eh. We watched a movie and hung out until it was time to get the kids.

Elliot had a baseball clinic and spent the night with friends so between his absence and the fact that Isaac fell asleep at about 4:45, it was a quiet evening. He FINALLY woke up on Saturday with no fever and today, he’s mostly back to normal. That was an entire week of sickness and I don’t think he’s ever been that sick before.

My weekend was productive in general; peeled a lot of wallpaper. I’d like to dig up the body of the person who invented wallpaper and kill them all over again. I HATE IT! I’m almost done but then we have to get the kitchen ready for painting and then, you know, paint it. Sigh. We have got to start on those larger tasks or we will never get our house on the market!



This week’s theme has to do with “air”, either in the band name or in the song title.

A classic!

Now, there is a band named Air and I had a student write about them once. I don’t remember the song but this one by them was highly ranked.

6 thoughts on “MMMM + Spiraling out of control!

  1. Thankfully, we do not have any wallpaper in the house and I’ll be sure in our next to not have any. If we get a house that has it, then it will definitely come out. It’s amazing how I find some homes that have wallpaper or weird colored painted walls. While the wallpaper isn’t horrible, it’s something I do not like but the paint? Oh good heavens! You just gotta wonder what’s going on in some people’s minds when they put loud, eye sore clothes on their walls. I appreciated the introduction to Air. I enjoyed the instrumental vibes this morning. I may check more of their mewsic. Have a good week!

  2. Amen on that Wallpaper stuff! I remember having to take off my gramma’s paper and what a job that was! ewwww Love your choices on the tunes. That second one kinda like jazz isn’t it? Very cool! Thanks for joining us today! hugs

  3. When I was a child I helped my dad wallpaper the kitchen, never again, mum was out when we did it and returned home to me in tears saying never again at one point dad ripped it down kicked the wall and swore I can laugh about it now.

  4. I’m right there with you on wallpaper! The house we had in PA (built in 1817) had wallpaper in practically every room – and since the ceilings were almost 12 feet high, that was a *lot* of wall space to deal with! I didn’t do all of it, though, before we moved out here (maybe that’s one of the reasons it took so long to sell…heh!!) but I’m very thankful our new 1930 house has nary a speck of wallpaper! The sellers dealt with it and removed it all, based on the previous pictures. That makes me happy! Good luck with the ‘fun’ projects – trust me, it’ll be well worth it once your house hits the market, because it’ll sell faster and you’ll get more for it to be able to get what you want. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Two great minds share the same song! ๐Ÿ™‚ And I love that Air song – never heard of them, so thanks for the introduction! Have a great week – and glad that Isaac is feeling normal again!

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