Writer’s Workshop – Old memory



My oldest son and I have not necessarily gotten along throughout his almost ten years. It could be stubbornness or being alike but we argue – a lot. But we’ve also had some really wonderful times.

In the above photo, he was three and a half, the same age as my daughter is now. We spent the morning together, going to get scones and then to the farmer’s market. I let him lead things; let him pick out what he wanted to eat and even hand money to the cashier. Then we decided to walk at this park because it was a fun thing we’d done on and off for years while my husband ran long Sunday runs.

Here, he walks past a bank of bamboo onto a path that curves around near some water. That day, we saw two turtles and a river otter. I feel like I was always way more excited to see wildlife than my kids ever were. But I hold this day sacred because we got along and bonded.

These days, we have more good times than not. He is maturing and understanding why moms do what they do for their kids; why they get mad and why they harp on them. He’s beginning to see that I’m on his team and not his enemy. I miss the days of him being so small but I am also excited to see him grow into a young man.


5 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – Old memory

  1. What a great picture! It’s nice when our kids finally begin to understand why we do what we do when it comes to parenting. Mine were in their 20’s when they finally got it, so you’re doing darn good if yours is 10 and beginning to understand!

  2. My little guy is pretty stubborn too. The nice thing about them getting older is that we can discuss his feelings a little more and why I say no to certain things. But they were sure adorable when they were small like that!

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