Wednesday Hodgepodge – Slow ‘n easy


1. ‘Slow and steady wins the race’…tell us about a time this was true in your own life.

I can’t think of any time I forced myself to be this way – though I fully believe it – so I’ll just say during my pregnancies. You want it to be over, to speed it up, but you can’t and you have to find that moment of zen so you can make it without going insane.

2. ‘As slow as molasses’…Do you like molasses? How about maple syrup? Caramel? Butterscotch? What’s your favorite of the slow moving treats mentioned here, and what’s your favorite food made with that sweet treat?

Yes to syrup, butterscotch and caramel. Molasses is ok; I normally just bake with it. I will say my fave is hot caramel sauce on ice cream. Yum!

3. Your favorite slow song?

Too many to name but how about:

A Bad Goodbye – Clint Black

Never Make me Cry – Fleetwood Mac

Save all your love – Great White

4. Your favorite thing to make in a slow cooker or crock pot?

I make this thing that’s basically chicken, rice, corn and cheese and it’s just so comforting.

5. ‘You may delay, but time will not.’~Benjamin Franklin  Are you more a hurrier or a delayer when it comes to unpleasant tasks that need doing? What are you currently either delaying or hurrying to get through this week or month?

I tend to delay up until a point and then I have to buckle down, no matter how uncomfortable it makes me. I’m not really hurrying or delaying anything right not. I am actually pacing myself quite well. Though mentally, I am not ready for ALL the stuff we have going on.

6. Tell us three things you encounter regularly or even just occasionally that you find to be annoyingly slow.

Prius drivers (no offense but I am almost always behind them in my city and OMG they’re so SLOW), some Starbucks Drive-thrus, and the system in which I have to work with classes for my job. Sometimes it flies and other times, it takes a good five minutes to save the data I entered. That’s just unacceptable.

7. March is National Craft Month. Are you crafty? Tell us about something crafty you’ll try in the next thirty one days. Or something crafty you’d like to try or wish you had the skill to  make happen.

I used to be but now, I just never know what to make. Ash recently got into those perler beads and has been making various characters from video games. I don’t have the patience to make stuff, honestly.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I have mentioned it before this week but Oh My Lord, I am so ready for a beach day. Granted, tomorrow is supposed to be cool again but yesterday was about 80 and breezy, sunny and wonderful. However, it also kicked my allergies into full swing. Mostly it was me eyes; SUPER DRY. Last night I could barely see. I have got to figure out a solution to this!

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Hodgepodge – Slow ‘n easy

  1. Your slow cooker recipe with the chicken, rice, corn and cheese sounds wonderful! Would you share the recipe or is it here on your blog somewhere?

    My kids used to make things with perler beads back in the day (they are parents themselves now!). Maybe it was just my iron — it probably was — but their creations never stayed intact for long.

  2. Molasses? I don’t know what that is, I have never had it, I do like Maple Syrup and Caramel and Honey just saying but molasses no idea about that.

    I do casseroles in the slow cooker and roasts

  3. Pregnancy is a good answer to #1! I had to laugh when you answered “Prius drivers” to #6 🙂
    As for perler beads, I never knew what those things were called, back in mu children’s day… You live and you learn.

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