Random Tuesday – Time for sun therapy

Stacy Uncorked
  • I finally got a standing desk for my office! I am super excited about it because there are times, late into the afternoon, when I find myself hunching over to get work done and I am both uncomfortable and tired. I hope that intervals of sitting and standing will help my energy levels and productivity.
  • I felt rather contemplative last night -sadly, pretty late – when Ash was telling me about a guy he works with who sings. And he says he does it because he feels like it gives him and his relatives and future generations something concrete. It’s something that transcends time and sort of serves as a tangible heirloom he passes down. But this got me thinking about what my legacy will be. What will my kids say about me to their kids? Have I made any lasting impression at all??
  • I hate how you always think about those crushing life things late at night. I am exhausted this morning. Thank God for Starbucks. Granted, I had coffee at home. I found Hawaiian coffee in K-Cups! I mean, official from the island. They’re funky though because the cup part is meshy so there are some ground in there. But I feel better about the trash they create.
  • I have been thinking A LOT about Hawaii. That was such a great trip. In 2020, when we celebrate our 15th anniversary, I get to pick where we go. Originally, I picked renting a cabin in the woods somewhere. But then Ash made the observation that we can do that with kids. They always sleep a lot of people and include fun family things. Now the beach is a lot more enjoyable because I can lay out and not worry about them, you know, drowning. So maybe we’ll just find someplace beachy. I thought maybe the Margaritaville hotel. And we’ll do every cheesy cliche thing they offer!
  • Maybe I just feel the need to get away. I usually get this feeling – a pull to disappear – around Spring time. It’s an overwhelmingly busy time of year so it makes sense.

OK, that’s all I’ve got because I have to actually do work. Funny how that is, you know? 😉

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Time for sun therapy

  1. Oh how I didn’t like it when late at night all sorts of thoughts would pop into my head and all I wanted to do was sleep, thankfully those days are gone and I am usually asleep minutes after I go to bed

  2. Same friend, same!! Oh the late night thoughts are the worst. That’s when I usually write because then it quiets my noisy brain. Or I purposefully stay up late, soaking in a tub with a book, or Instagram feed: anything to take my mind off whatever happens to be circling. Oye.
    I definitely get the urge to get out and run when Spring arrives! I never really get to act on that, in the sense of going on vacation or anything. BUT this year might just be the year since my husband took March break off to be with the kids after like 10 YEARS of it being ALL ME. Oye again. So I am thinking of going some place for a couple of days, just for me. I don’t even care if it’s just a hotel room where I can pee in peace!! Heaven. LOL

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