MMMM + Weekend recap of DOOM!

I always wonder if people mind that I go over the mundane details of my weekend before I post my weekly song(s). I don’t suppose they do.

So without further ado… I bailed out of work around 2:30 because I hopped upstairs and it turned out that most folks were already gone. I hit the store then went home. Ash said he wanted to knock off early as well so we napped! I tell you, a nap in a house without kids is magical.

I was able to work a bit on my tan, then we got the kids and went to eat pizza before Elliot had baseball practice.

Because soccer is over, I got SO much done Saturday morning: deep bathrooms cleaning, WD-40ing various surfaces about the house, sweeping, organizing forms from school, etc. We had lunch at Sonny’s then I sat outside for a bit longer. It was relaxing. I ran three miles with Elliot then made dinner.

Yesterday, Ash ran trails so he was gone most of the morning. I took the kids to various stores and then did laundry. Ell had batting and then practice all afternoon but then we played Team Fortress 2 (as a family, sort of. Isaac’s hand/eye coordination is still not there) and I ended the night watching Caribbean Life on GHTV. No, I forgot to watch the Oscars. They’re pretentious anyway.

Speaking of award shows…



Hey hey, it’s my theme this week! And it is: Grammy winners of the 1980s.

I picked the ones that evoked the most memories for me – memories of my childhood.

First, from 1988:

And now, 1986. I loved this song!

And 1982. My parents really liked Toto!

5 thoughts on “MMMM + Weekend recap of DOOM!

  1. Putting links was very clever idea… love the tunes too! Ahhhh great minds think alike. I had that song too “That’s what friends are for” & that’s so true! Good job from the “Spotlight Dancer”!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! WOO HOO TO TO GREAT SONG!!! Use to put the radio up in the car when that one came on. Woo Hoo! Great theme my friend everyone loved it and joined in. hugsssssss

  2. Ahh, you’ve revamped your blog – nice touch! Congrats on being this week’s spotlight dancer and great mewsic theme, my friend! I do not know this first song choice but loved the introduction. Toto “Rosanna” is quite recognizable and a favorite 80s tune for me. Thanks for continuing to be a part of the 4M weekly lineup! Have a good week!

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