Friday Five – In need of sun and sand


Five things:

  1. I was invited to eat breakfast over in Athletics this morning so I’m writing before and after my jaunt to the stadium. It pays to work with folks who treat you nicely!
  2. It’s really not winter here anymore so our weather has been amazing the past few days. I have grand designs on my chaise lounge this weekend. I know tanning is bad blah blah blah but I do use about a 15 spf bronzer. I feel so much better when I sit in the sun and I think that’s the therapy I need.
  3. Elliot and I did speed work yesterday, i.e. sprints. Those are hard! But they will a.) help me to be an overall faster runner and b.) I read an article that says if you want to lose belly fat, you have to do interval training. Sigh. It’s rough but hopefully it’ll work.
  4. I can’t tell you how excited I am about having zero sports this weekend. Yeah,E ll has baseball practice tonight and Sunday afternoon but we aren’t going to spend from 8:30-1 Saturday at games. My exciting plan? Peel wallpaper.
  5. We have got to finish working on our house; at least the things we can do. Then we have to get with the flooring people and get them in. And in April or so? On the market!

Five Photos:

I’m feelin’ that beach season so here are some of that ilk:

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