MMMM + as always, busy weekend

Public schools do not get President’s Day off but my daughter’s daycare uses it as a teacher planning day. SO, I have a tiny helper in my office today.  In some ways, Dakota is better than the boys because if I ignore her enough, she will find something to keep herself busy.

Our weekend was fairly busy. In fact, I’ve been out quite a bit lately. Ash and I went out Thursday night for our belated Valentine’s day celebration. We had steak and drinks at Shula’s then went up to the Level 8 lounge for one more drink before going home. It was actually an early night for us!

On Friday, we did our normal half day – Mexican and a movie – then Elliot had soccer and I took Isaac with me to the store. Ash messed up the coach gift money giving (he accidentally gave it to the coach instead of to the parent buying his gift, unbeknownst to coach!) so I had to leave Target and drop more cash off at the nearby playing fields. Isaac and I went back towards Publix but then Ash called and the car wouldn’t start! SO I had to drop groceries off at the house then go BACK to the fields to jump his car. What a very long, trying evening it was.

On Saturday, the boys had their final soccer games of the season… and it was pouring rain. We  all huddled under a large umbrella while Isaac played, then sat in the car for about an hour until Elliot’s game. He had his end of season party under the basketball awning so that was ok. We got home and napped and in the afternoon, Ash ran and took his car to the store. Turns out his battery was fine but they suspected a kid had left the lights on or something and that is why it couldn’t turn over. I don’t know; I’m suspect.

That night, I met a bunch of my friends for sushi (sake bombs!) and then they dragged me to 50 Shades Darker. I have no interest in this series because, as I have said before, the author of these books was shite at understanding the D/s culture and I cannot stand it. The movie was so lackluster I can’t even put it into words. BUT I had a good time with friends.

Sunday morning, I got to work early on cleaning and mowing the lawn while Ash ran 15 miles. It was a productive day all in all!


FREEBIE WEEK! Pretty sure my theme is next week so be sure to tune in.

I’m choosing Ghost this week. They’re not bad, I have to say. They’ll be opening for Iron Maiden when I see them in June!

5 thoughts on “MMMM + as always, busy weekend

  1. Yeah, I have to agree with John… pretty creepy stuff!!! bwahahaha Never heard of these guys before… hubby says he has… so thanks for the introduction. Have a great week!!

  2. This isn’t the normal genre I listen to but the first selection, “Square Hammer” I actually liked. I found it helpful to not watch the vid. It’s not as weird as the second one but it allowed me to enjoy it more. The second song even without watching the vid was bit too much to suit my listening pleasure despite the softer spots in the song. I appreciated the intro, though. Have funtastic week!

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