MMMM + Would rather be prone today

Happy Monday! I am so behind I can’t even think straight! Yay!

Ok, no not really.

We had what seemed like a very long weekend. Although Friday was nice. I got work done and left around 2:30 to get a pedicure. I figured I deserved one after my race and all. That evening, we all went to Elliot’s practice and then to the mall for dinner. Classy, I know. But everyone got to eat what they wanted.

Saturday morning we had 9 am and 12 pm soccer games and in between, I did a bit of shopping and packing for our camping trip. By about 3 we were on our way to the camp site, about an hour away. The drive was fine and we didn’t get lost; a miracle! GPS stops working at a certain point and it all looks the same out there so we managed to do it ourselves. We had a good time out there, hanging out, eating, telling stories. One of our friends had a VR viewer so we did a bit of that. It’s cool but does hurt your eyes after a while.

The weather wasn’t freezing like last year so I was a bit worried I’d wake up sweating, since I bought super warm sleeping bags. However, aside from back issues from air mattress sleeping, I was alright. I like tent camping in that it’s like a break away from the comforts of home, proving that we have do that now and again. Not entirely sure I’d enjoy it for days on end but one is fine. And the kids enjoyed it. No one complained about no TV or tablets, etc. I was proud of them.

We got back into town around 10 yesterday and had some bagels. I got the kids bathed and laundry going and man, I really enjoyed my time off. I made a nice dinner and I even took a quick nap. You know what was different? I didn’t have to do a long run!

Sadly, I have succumbed to a sinus infection but I am trying to knock it out with apple cider vinegar and essential oils. ACV is one of the grossest substances in existence but it does seem to help. I knew sleeping outside wouldn’t help but hey, sometimes we make sacrifices.




The theme is trains and/or railroads. This song isn’t new but I first heard it as the outro for a recent remake of a manga/anime called Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. This is an instrumental but evokes such a feeling of promise.

5 thoughts on “MMMM + Would rather be prone today

  1. ACV is good for a sinus infection? That’s good to know. I’ll be sure to tuck this bit of info under my cap. I am not familiar with this song or the artist but I do like the instrumental. It’s actually kinda relaxing. Thanks for sharing and joining the 4M crew today. Have a good week and I hope you feel better soon.

  2. That song is too cool! Amazing how the drummer makes the sound of a train going along. I’ve heard so many cool ones today. Anyway I never got your note, but if you’ll send me a theme you can be our next Spotlight dancer… I’ll put it up in my sidebar right away so people can get a jump on things. Please send it to my email xmasdolly at comcast dot net. Thanks. Woo Hoo!!! Sorry for the confusion! Just couldn’t find your email anywhere. 😦

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