Friday Five – Overloaded but making it

Five Thoughts:

  1.  Foot update: feeling a lot better! Must have just really pulled the heck out of that tendon and/or overworked that muscle. It was not happy. I am glad it’s on the mend because I need to get back to running.
  2. My children had a great week… until today. It’s a full moon though so I’ll cut them some slack. They were so good every single morning; helpful, kind, and organized. It was amazing!
  3. Going on day three of waking up with a headache. What gives, weather? I’m sure it’s because of the weather too. It’s been warm/cold/warm/cold.
  4. Blink 182 is coming to Tally – and I was just complaining no one comes here! – and we’re deciding whether or not to go. The show is on a Wednesday, which is not completely unreasonable for a babysitter but it’s weird. Weeknights seem forbidden for so long when it comes to going out, you know?
  5. We go camping tomorrow night and I’m excited to get away. I’m trying to get as much grading done today as humanly possible so I don’t have to think about it and I can decompress.

Five Photos:

Our campsite:


The kid who won the UK wrestling tournament. He’s so cute!


I’m dreaming of sushi trees


I kind of want to get into pour-over coffee


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