MMMM + busiest and most productive weekend

Hey all and happy Monday!

Despite this awful pain in my foot – that I am hoping is NOT a stress fracture – I feel great today.

Friday, Ash and I had fajitas and beer – the one time this week I even drank, and then we went home to watch a movie because there’s nothing out in theaters. I got some cleaning done and a quick trip to the store. Later that night, my dad came into town because he had been traveling to see family in the area and he and my mom were visiting this weekend anyway.

We had two soccer games in the AM and my mom got into town in time to see the second one, so that was nice. She was a little bummed that I wasn’t drinking that day because of my Sunday race but it is what it is. Ran a couple errands and then made spaghetti for dinner, of course.

Sunday morning, I couldn’t get back to sleep around 5:20 so I went ahead and got up, taped my left foot, drank my coffee and had toast, then got all my race gear on. Ash and I were at the court house by 6:50 for the 7:30 half marathon. I felt great during this race. I never really hit a wall but I did run slower up the hills than I wanted to. But it was a enjoyable time for the most part. Ash and I got a beer and talked to some people before heading home to rest a bit.

We hung out for a little over an hour before going to see an FSU basketball game, which was also awesome. So much fun and again, beer and good food.

The afternoon was reserved for naps and then we got junk food and settled in to watch the Superbowl. Though I did want to see Atlanta win, I am not anti-patriots like so many people so I was happy with the outcome. Falcons collapsed; simple as that. I don’t want to hear any of this BS about the Patriots cheating or “welcome to trump’s America.” Leave sports and politics separate. Let me enjoy something for once, ok?

This morning, I had breakfast with my parents then got to work. I am having a tough time walking on my right foot but the weird thing is: it doesn’t hurt to touch it in any way and does not hurt when I am not putting pressure on it. But walking or standing on the right side is bad. I have no idea what it is but plan to be a little patient; wait and see if it improves throughout the week. I was getting a little ahead of myself and panicking that I wouldn’t be able to train for another race but really, we need to wait and see.



Since it’s a freebie, I am going to share the last two songs I put on my ipod:


4 thoughts on “MMMM + busiest and most productive weekend

  1. Hey Lady, I hope your foot feels better and it isn’t a stress fracture, either. We rooted for the Falcons and although they lost we are happy that Brady has 5 Super Bowl victories and the Pats pulled off an interesting win in the end. 🙂 Thanks for sharing a bit of retro to get this new week pumping. I don’t remember these songs but enjoyed them very much. Great to see didn’t let your bunged foot keep you off the dance floor. The 4M crew applauds you! Have a tunetastic week, my friend!

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