Random Tuesday – Cold, Soccer, and Being happy

Stacy Uncorked
  • OK North Florida, this is the winter I don’t want: 33 in the morning and 75 by afternoon. Dressing for that is just a pain in the ass!
  • Yesterday was SO long. Got home and had about 20 minutes before going back to dinner and then to Isaac’s one weekday game of the season. His team lost – their first one – and it was kind of surprising because they’ve been destroying teams up until this point. Oh well, they had fun regardless.
  • I’m kind of surprised we’re seeing the end of January already but at the same time, this is kind of nice. As previously mentioned, I am normally so sad in January but I dodged that bullet and can move on.
  • I’ve been getting better about weaning myself off Facebook. I can’t take it anymore. I want to see your lunch, your kid pictures… hell, I’d even take a cat photo over all this other shit. (And I don’t like cats very much.)
  • Actually, I feel pretty good these days and I don’t really understand it. I will say, I am starting to feel that pull towards the beach. When warmer weather comes, I am ready.

OK so this is a little silly and a little bit using slang I don’t EVER use but my mantra as of late has been:

You do you.”

I know the kids are saying this in a way of giving credence to the fact you can do whatever you want. Which, if you have made it to adulthood and beyond, you come to terms with anyway. I’m reminiscent of Cartman on South Park:

But I use this mantra to remind myself that even with all this political crap going on, I still have to focus on me, my family, my job, etc. Maybe others think that’s incredibly selfish but it also does NOT mean I don’t care about these issues. I do care. I wish I could go into my views on the migrant crisis but they’d fall on deaf ears. I promise there’s a better solution but I highly doubt anyone wants to hear it because those people want to show how nice THEY are and how open-armed THEY are. The hypocrisy is out of control.

But that’s not the point here. The point is doing what I have to do to live a valued and rich life. I honest-to-God know people who are so distraught by all this stuff they can’t get out of bed and to you I say: it is within YOUR control the kind of life you lead; not theirs. YOU can make the difference in your happiness.

My kids watched the new-ish Trolls movie this weekend and though I was only partly paying attention whilst flitting about the house cleaning, etc… (as moms do) I caught enough to get the gist: the bad guys – large gray ogre-like beings –  thought that the only key to true happiness was eating the little colorful trolls. The main idea of this movie was that you could be happy without that. I interpreted this as a commentary on our over-medicated society. We struggle with handling emotions so we take pills to soften the blow and eventually, our minds tell us that they are the only path to finding that bit of happiness. And it isn’t true.

So yes, I will remind myself time and again – You do you –  and I will focus on the good; how I can be a good mom and wife and employee and I will be a good contributor to society when I can. I will NOT let all this other hype and propaganda and vote-mongering upset my life and my day to day happiness.

5 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Cold, Soccer, and Being happy

  1. I get frustrated with the weather when it is coldish when getting dressed and pretty hot later in the day hard to know what to wear, happens far too often my liking.

    Never seen the movie Trolls but I don’t get to see movies very often rarely have the time to sit through a movie

  2. You have to do what is best for you, and if you think weaning yourself off Facebook is going to help you maintain your sanity, go for it. Last week I told my Facebook friends “See you in the funny papers,” and I don’t plan on going back for a good long time, if ever. Twitter, too. Like you said, You Do You. Everyone has to focus on their life, their family, their friends (real-life), their job, etc. That’s far more important than getting upset about what the people who have nothing better to do than to post inflammatory stuff on the timeline are saying.

  3. I think one could not really ask for a better mantra — to thine own self be true is the just of it, and I truly think people who can achieve that are the happiest people. And when you are in that state, you are better towards the whole world. Everything starts with yourself and then you project it forward onto others. I say, if some days all you can do is get out of bed and pay your bills and crawl back into bed – Good For you! you showed up. you did it. Tomorrow may look different, but you were there today. Honestly people need to just relax a little bit with one another. (which kinda goes back to my own mantra today) The single worst thing about this political climate is if it steals Hope…. and we can’t allow that. There is always a way through the dark.

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