MMMM + Weekends go too quickly when you’re busy

When I woke up this morning – a mere three minutes before the alarm went off – I started worrying. I sometimes do this and I’m not sure why. I first realized that I forgot to play tooth fairy for my oldest. Of course he woke up as I came in but I played it off like he was having a bad dream and I was checking on him. Yeah, he didn’t buy it. Luckily, he is almost 10 and pretty much knew there was no tooth fairy anyway.

I went back to my room to lay down and started worrying about my half marathon on Sunday. I shouldn’t be worried; this is my fourth one and I have been training for weeks. My twelve mile training run was good. My nine on Sunday? Not great but not awful. Could have been worse. I just have to make “trust in the training” my mantra this week. And start eating towards the race.

The weekend was a little cold so soccer from 9:30-1 was somewhat uncomfortable. But I will say, we had a good time. Both boys’ teams won. Elliot had a birthday party right after -at a pool no less – but it was heated and he had fun. My friend Kenny was there to pick up his daughter and we had an interesting conversation. He has been gone the last month because he worked the inauguration. (He’s military, obvs.) He said it was a very different situation there as opposed to news reports. No violence, fairly large crowd. Just sort of amusing, you know?

As I said, on Sunday I ran nine miles but I tell you, I got so much done this weekend. Little things: I cleaned up the kids’ rooms enough to vacuum, WD-40’d some squeaky/sticky things, made an essential oil rub for the dog’s fur to repel ticks, organized myself for the week re: the kids’ various activities and school things. Yeah, I felt accomplished.

SO, let’s do this music thang:



The theme this week is: songs with blue in the title.

This is the first one that came to mind:

Then this one also:

and let’s switch it up:

6 thoughts on “MMMM + Weekends go too quickly when you’re busy

  1. The weekend was a cool one. I didn’t want to be outdoors, especially with the winds. We woke to a dusting of snow and 27º temps. After today the forecast looks great for the next two days. “Jackie Blues” is a fabulous get-to-your-feet boogie tune. Hopeful Mr. Blue Sky will visit us this week and bring some warmer temps. Have a tunetastic week and thanks for hitting the dance floor with the 4M crew!

  2. Oh my gosh, I haven’t heard Reverend Blue Jeans or Jackie Blue in like forever… great picks. Talk about a sing-a-long and boppin’ around the house. hehehehe~ Wow… Madonna’s video looks like it’s right out of the 50’s… bwahahaha and those eyebrows… are you kiddin’ me? bwahahaha Totally forgot about all that.. bwahahaha wonder how she got so popular.. oh well, to each their own I guess… she must have had something to get so popular I guess.. well WHATEVER.. BWAHAHA THANKS FOR ROCKIN’ US OUT GIRLFRIEND! YOU’RE DUH BEST!

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