Wednesday hodgepodge – sandy, salty, beachy

1.”The cure for anything is salt water-tears, sweat, or the sea.” (Isak Dinesan) Would you agree? Of the three, which has ‘cured’ you most recently?

AGREE! I always feel better after a good cry, a good run, and when I go to the beach. Recently, we watched the remake of Pete’s Dragon, which wasn’t anything special but it made my entire family cry. And after that, I felt cleansed.

2. What’s something you can’t eat without salt? Do you normally salt your food a lot, a little, or not at all?

Hmm, I tend not to put salt on much of anything but I’ll go with grits. If not those, then a hard-boiled egg. I used to put salt on almost everything but cured myself of this in 2004.

3. Sands of time, bury your head in the sand, built on sand, or draw a line in the sand…which sandy phrase could best be applied to something in your life right now? 

Right now, bury my head, though I know that is not the answer. I just have a lot of things to do and I’m just not sure how they’ll get done.

4. A favorite book, movie, or song with an island setting or theme?

I am sure I have a ton of these but aside from the entire Jimmy Buffett songbook, I will choose his book, A Pirate Looks at Fifty.

5. Yesterday-did you run your day or did it run you? How so?

I ran it and I did very little. I like days that are sort of out of control and just make me react. Yesterday was laid back and had nothing pressing.

6. You’re on an island holiday. Will I most likely find you parked in a beach chair, shopping in town, on the back of a jet ski, or snorkeling off the back of a catamaran?

I’d say I would do 1, 2, and 4. I like to break up my vacation into different things because I’m not very good at simply sitting around. Sure, a day on the sand is rejuvenating but I also need something to getup and live for.

7. What do you think we humans most take for granted?

I suppose I do agree with or host – time – but I also see a lot of people out there taking for granted the fact that there’s an inexplicable “thing” in our life, in this world, that tends to balance things out. Now I know this sounds like it’s coming from the voice of privilege, but I see so many people whining about rights that have been taken (from women I guess) but I don’t see it. I think they’re failing to realize that we still have lots of power and rights and it all tends to balance out. For example, someone was complaining that someone who might be appointed to the supreme court doesn’t care for gay people. Which, yes, is awful but at the same time, that’s their opinion. AND, if you don’t commit a crime, it won’t matter, right? I mean, am I seeing something wrong here?

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I think instead of being negative or whiny here, I will share similar news as our host. OK, I am NOT becoming a grandma but I have three pregnant friends right now who all found out the gender of their babies last week. We’re getting two boys and a girl. And the thing is, they all got something they wanted. No one was devastated. My friend Alana especially. Her oldest son is 10 and they had to really debate whether or not to have another. They were very young when he was born and had gotten comfortable with an only child. But I am so happy they’re decided to go for it.

In a time of such turmoil where my Facebook feed makes me think I’m living in crazy town, I am happy about simple human things like the creation of new life.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday hodgepodge – sandy, salty, beachy

  1. Like you, I’d like to bury my head in the sand regarding some things, but I feared some of my readers would take it wrong so I went for drawing a line in the sand.

    As for your reply to #7, if people don’t commit a crime, there is great blessing and freedom in that.

  2. I’m with you at the beach, I’m happy sitting on the beach with a good book, but I also need to explore, experience, and taste my new environment. Arthritis has slowed me down but I’m still the first one on that shuttle bus going to explore the sites and sounds of the beach town. Have a good week!
    Lori in Blue Ridge, GA

  3. The Supreme court is a little different than criminal court, they are the ultimate appeals court for things that might include crime, but usually it is deciding more things….like a few years ago something, that was being appealed from our little tiny town in MO, was about the right to die and stopping feeding tubes etc. and is that legal? The Supreme Court decided it was legal…this was years ago and her parents did stop the feeding tube. That is the reason the court should not necessarily be packed with all conservative or all liberals. IMHO. That is where things could balance out. The moderate in me prays for everything to balance.

  4. I use a little salt on most things but Tim uses a lot of salt on all things. I would prefer to build sand castles and lost in what I am doing so I don’t stress over stuff and if that fails have a good cry

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