MMMM + What a weird weekend

I am all kinds of off my normal routine today.

Friday, Ash and I had burgers at Red Robin and then we saw the new xXx movie, which was awful. I mean, the first one was ok but this was just trash. We ran to a couple craft stores then went ahead and got the kids. I made dinner while Elliot was at soccer practice and then we basically did nothing.

The next morning, Ash had a 15k race and Isaac had an early soccer game. Only 5 kids showed up because of some scheduling snafu but his team still won 9-2. Elliot even played goalie because they needed someone, even though he’s nine and it’s a 7-8 league.We went home after to rest between games and meet Ash. His race went well but he was a mess. We had bad storms all weekend so the red clay trail was a mud pit. He said he could barely get traction on certain portions of the run. Crazy.

After Elliot’s noon game, we went to Sonny’s and then rested. I was in pre-run prep mode: lots of water, fruit, and rest. I ate spaghetti for dinner too, even though I don’t really care for it. I am well-aware of how weird that is. Who doesn’t like spaghetti, right?

Sunday morning, I made sure to get up and stretch, eat light, and get into the right mental mode for 12 miles. Storms were blowing in but the radar gave me about a 2-2.5 hours window of clear skies. Well, I set out around 9 am and by mile four, I was standing at the intersection by the Krispy Kreme in a torrential downpour. Truth be told, it rained on me around mile 3 as well but it was a nice flat area and I had finished a big hill, so it was welcome. By mile 7.5 I was in it again and as I ran past Lake Ell, a white car with kids hanging out passed by me. Yeah, those were my kids. Given the rain and crazy wind (which is probably why the storm came in faster than weather men predicted) my husband decided to drive my route to check on me. I gave him the thumbs up and plodded on.

They drove past me again at mile 10.5 and I was still upright. Slower than I wanted to be but my shoes were soaked, my tech shirt so wet it could not longer wick away moisture, and my previously sprained ankle screaming for a rest. But I made it all 12 miles and immediately put my ankles in icy water when I got home. I gorged myself on chicken tacos and beer and tried to nap. I only slept for about 20 minutes before the rest of the storm blew in and we lost power. We were without it for five hours actually. In that time, we took a walk around the neighborhood and went to Cracker Barrel. I was ever so thankful for electricity but also sort of angry that this is the second time in 4 months that our city has been unable to get things going in a reasonable amount of time. I think they need to assess a.) old trees with loose branches and b.) the possibility of going underground. Although, my friend with underground utilities didn’t get her power back until 2 am.

This morning, Elliot had a doc appt to get his stitches out except the office still didn’t have power! I was able to make an appointment this afternoon at another office with our insurance. What a mess of a morning though. I am all off my routine and I cannot seem to get going!



I’ve recently gotten back into ZZ Top, a band my dad really liked when I was a kid. They’re really good for running because of the buzzing guitars, driving me to keep a good pace.

Also, these guys had wicked beards before beards were cool.

and a ballad, because I love a good rock ballad.

6 thoughts on “MMMM + What a weird weekend

  1. I can’t run at all bad knees bad back and terrible balance, some days I can’t even walk down the hallway to the bathroom but like the idea of running in the rain, sounds refreshing and when you get home have a nice hot shower or bath

  2. Hiya dearie!

    Running isn’t my forte and running in the rain sounds miserable. Did y’all have to worry with any of the tornadoes that passed through the south? I hate it when our electricity goes out and you’re right the utility company needs to make sure those low hanging branches or too tall trees are pruned to reduce downed trees/branches on the lines. Heck, we’ve gotten into the mode if our electricity flickers to call our utility service because changes are a tree nearby needs to be trimmed away from the lines. I will say this (knock on wood) that we’re very fortunate to not have to worry with blackouts too often and when we do get one they are pretty quick to restore power.

    We always take our stitches out at home. This keeps us from having to make a special trip to get this done. It’s an easy job most of the time. DH even took out my staples after my hysterectomy eons ago. I asked my doctor if we could do it and he sent me home with the staple remover and when it was time to take them out, then DH removed them. These days, he pulls out the one stitch I get in my hip after I have my HRT pellets inserted. 🙂

    ZZ Top is a fabulous band to listen to anytime. I love cranking up their mewsic when I’m cleaning around the house! It’s full of high energy and puts the boogie in my move as I clean. Thanks for dancing with the 4M crew, my friend and have a good day!

    1. We escaped the tornadoes in my neighborhood but one touch down really close to us. I have taken out stitches before but didn’t want to risk it with my son I guess. I probably could have though!

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