Friday Five – Running update and more!

Five thoughts:

  1. I’ve had a particularly good week and I felt upbeat. This is not normal for me in January. Not sure why I am so optimistic!
  2. One of my favorite all-time bands (Iron Maiden) has finally announced their second American tour and I am totally going to make their June show. I know it’ll be hard to finagle and I might have to attend it alone but I am not going to let this opportunity pass me by!
  3. I’ve been thinking a lot about my upcoming March birthday. You know what I really want to do for myself? I want to rent the car of my dreams for one week. Lord knows I won’t be able to buy one – for multiple reasons. I mean, it won’t fit everyone, gets crap gas mileage, and costs too much. But what if it were mine for a little bit of time? I think that would be so fun. Also, photo below.
  4. Running has been going well. I did a six miler yesterday with 3-4 of those miles at temp pace; so, somewhere between a sustained 9:45 and 10:30 minute mile. I am amazed how much easier it was to run faster than slower. LOL. It seems counter-intuitive but I tell you, I had a great run.
  5. It’s date day and because I only run three miles tomorrow, I am totally going to eat a burger and have a beer. BUT, tomorrow I am going all carbs. Spaghetti, fruit, water, etc. because I have to run 12 miles Sunday and my 10 last week was bad. And it’s because I did not really prepare properly. Time to get serious.

Five Photos:

The car I want:


The next few days look awful:


Gonna make this show happen; oh yes.


On one of my wrestling shows, a Japanese wrestler called another guy a Shiba Inu. I will leave you to your own deductions: (also, I was laughing so hard my sides hurt. But I’m weird.)


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