Writer’s Workshop – Torn on the best


1. The best part of my day is…

Honest to God, I have two “bests”. The first one is the exact moment I take my first bite of breakfast and drink my coffee. My mornings are not rushed, per se, but at home, they mostly consist of getting others ready to go off into the world. I wake and shower, then spend the next forty or so minutes keeping kids on track. I’ll make oatmeal for one boy and then dress my girl. I’ll remind my oldest to make his lunch and get out his binder for me to sign stuff.

Once we get in the car, I head the opposite direction from my from work to drop my youngest at preschool. Then we take a short jaunt to the elementary school and the boys leave. Then, if I am feeling like I could use something special, Ill go to Starbucks for a bacon gouda breakfast sandwich and something hot and tasty. I’d say I normally make my coffee at home but every now and then, I get this special treat.

As I get closer to work, I get into work-mode mindset. I am ready to take on my day. But not just yet. I walk into the building, unlock the copy room then my office. I turn on my computer then set out my sandwich and coffee. As the bootup screen flickers to life, I am fully in the right frame of mind and then…. food and coffee and all is right in my world because I like working. And I have gotten everyone off to their separate places successfully and I have adulted properly.

The second “best” is the moment I move from my recliner to the couch and snuggle up under a nice warm fleece blanket. My couch reclines and I really enjoy it being a.) 9 pm and b.) the time when all kids are in bed, chores are done, work in general is done, and I can turn off my brain and either watch mindless television or just drift off to sleep.

5 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – Torn on the best

  1. For me the school year is crazy you would think that now all my children are grown it wouldn’t be but now I have Leo and sometimes Blain to contend with Monday to Friday getting them ready for school and running around of a morning barking commands which is why I like getting up early and reading blogs before the morning rush begins

  2. That first sip of coffee is easily a best for me too! Snuggling in for quiet time is amazing. Slipping into bed with a book at the end of the night…also amazing!

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