Random Tuesday – Catch up, move forward

    • Hopefully one day, our Random Tuesday host will come back (after her move) but for now, I keep the dream alive and spew my random thoughts.
    • I ran ten miles on a good portion of the half marathon course and I have to tell you: it was sort of difficult. I blame multiple factors, though. 1.) I did not eat a lot of carbs the night before. 2.) I had a drink the night before so that bit of gin could have affected me. 3.) It was pretty warm out. I am hoping that my twelve this coming Sunday is better if I take the proper precautions.
    • The three day weekend felt long, which I’m not complaining about it made coming to work today a little wonky. I got myself a coffee and a breakfast sandwich but as I sat here doing my normal “break into work” mode thing, I was just not really with it.
    • Sunday evening, I was making dinner and with about three minutes to go, Elliot came into the kitchen, covering his eye and crying. Not all out crying but visibly upset. He and his brother were playing around on one of their beds and he got an inch long gash right above his eyebrow. It was only a matter of time before one of those 1960s marble windowsills caught a kid. I always thought they were a hazard but you can’t keep your kids safe at all times. Anyway, we have an urgent care place through our insurance and they could see him right away. Five stitches later and he’s good to go!
    • Well, the fourth season of Sherlock is already over. Three Sundays of crazy fast-paced episodes and we’re already done. It was not, how shall I say, what “most” fans of the show wanted. A lot of us are Johnlock shippers (i.e., get those two men together) and I think we all thought it would end with that. It did not but it did have a very open end. It is what it is and we should be happy to have this entertainment that we really enjoy.
    • OK, time for Tuesday Chat.

It’s a New Year!

What is one positive thing about 2017,

and one negative thing about the forthcoming year?
OK, so let’s do negative first. I feel like we’re about to launch into even busier times. As Dakota gets older she’ll be doing more activities, etc. Both boys are playing soccer now and normally, only Ell plays baseball but Isaac will start Atom league this year. Baseball is already a busy season because two games a week so we could potentially be having something five days a week, if the boys have different game/practice schedules. We have some upcoming travel plans for weddings and then our typical June vacation. I don’t want to say this is necessarily “negative” but the handling of less time will be difficult.
Now, on a positive note, I feel like my kids making progress as they have been is going to be awesome this year. I mean, they’re all getting so much better at, well, life and it’s so uplifting to see. I’m looking forward to so many things for them. Meanwhile, and I know this is yet another thing, but I am going to try to keep running even after i finish training in three weeks. So hopefully, one other positive is that I will lose weight and become healthier.

6 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Catch up, move forward

  1. Here it is hot was stinking hot at 5.30am when I got out of bed temp was 30°c and only getting hotter with a bloody hot wind. It is so hot the last few days that the thought of cooking anything has vanished toast is the only thing I will cook at the moment I am thinking I should go find breakfast been up for 2 hours and still haven’t had breakfast

  2. Oh and head wounds seem to bleed so profusely. Hope there won’t be too much of a scar. Now that I am retired, and the kids are grown….I miss some of the activity when they were younger.

  3. I love your positives, really good stuff! Even your negative is understandable. Families are incredibly busy these days and I really don’t know how you do it all, but it sounds like you’re managing and the kids are thriving, so really it’s just a bit of a challenge… and overcoming it and making it work will be another positive in the end!

  4. I honestly did think that JohnLocke might just be the very first ship to come to harbour!!! LOL It did kinda seem like they were heading that way. But it also kinda seemed that it would be like two friends raising the one’s daughter too. But that part with poor Molly!! why why why??!! That was brutal. And then it didn’t even seem to go anywhere. All in all though, the episode was a good finale.
    Oh head wounds are the worse! We’ve only had one that required stitches in our house. Thank goodness because they tend to bleed a lot and it’s terrifying! For the kids too. ha.
    It’s an amazing thing watching your kids grow and branch out into new things. Life gets busier, but it also gets infinitely more interesting when they can return home and tell you all about it. It’s always fascinating to me to learn about what they were about to, when I wasn’t around.

    1. Yeah the writers REALLY made it seem like they were actually going to put two guys together on national tv and it would be totally normalized and yet, I think they chickened out. Sigh. Oh well!

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