As the year closes in on the end

My husband went back to work today, but only through the end of the week. I’m on my own with three kids who are already tired of no routine. I feel ya, guys. I could do with some actual work to do. However, I did do some throughout the day yesterday; stuff I couldn’t do until after I was already on break. I also put away my Christmas decor and though it’s a little early, I was happy to reclaim the space in my little living room. If any one moment made me realize how much we need both a living room and a family room (and maybe even an office) in whatever new house we buy it was yesterday. I was sick of my entire family. I know that sounds awful but the kids were at each others’ throats and we’d all been home for so so long.

My goal for today is to be patient with them; to exercise a little restraint but at the same time, they won’t get away with petty fighting either. I just spent an inordinate amount of time looking up stuff we could do today and nothing really stood out. It’s hard to bridge the gap between a 9 year old and  a 3 year old. What would make them both happy?

Anyway, I wanted to briefly run through the things we did this year, as I see all these posts about how bad 2016 was. Honestly, mine was not that bad!

So here’s a quick run-down:

New Years in Pensacola; second Christmas and brewery visits

Ash’s dad visited; went to soccer games with us and enjoyed his grandchildren

Ash ran marathon
We went camping with friends and it was cold!
I took a weekend trip to Pensacola with Alyson and Koda
Ash and I saw Styx and Def Leppard!
Torreya hiking/beach trips with friends
Daytona beach for Ash’s annual conference; hotel right on the water
Took kids to Sea World
Took kids to Aquatica
Nashville because we never made it to NY; visited an old friend of mine
Took kids to Nashville Zoo while there
Fourth of July festivities – multiple parties with friends
Pokemon go became a thing
Hurricane Hermine left us without power for a week
Pensacola was our refuge
Sprained my ankle – half-marathon training put on hold
North Florida Fair
Took kid to Busch Gardens
Turkey trot with the whole family
December went all too quickly but both have made comments about how this was a great Christmas. I am glad we were able to make them happy. It’s difficult in this world where they have so much at their fingertips and the gratefulness is difficult to come by. I’m signing off for now. Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays!

2 thoughts on “As the year closes in on the end

  1. Kathy was saying yesterday at 8am my granddaughter Sydney-May was complaining she was bored, what the hell, I don’t get bored I don’t think I ever got bored not as a child not as an adult I always have something to do

  2. You have to come to NYC this year!!! There are a gazillion things to do here. As a matter of fact the website,, gives you all the kid friendly things,to do here!! I hope when you do come,you’ll write about your experience. Happy New Year from New York!!!

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