Random Tuesday

  • Well, we’re a little less than a week away from Christmas and I have still only caught glimpses of the actual holiday spirit. However, my subconscious keeps rendering images of nice memories for me. I was just remembering our 2012 Christmas trip to Chicago where we played in snow and had some really good food and saw fun city stuff. I also remembered the warmer years down in Orlando with my parents. Now that they’re somewhere a lot cooler, it will be a different kind of New Year’s.
  • I ran a grueling six miles on Sunday. My legs felt like tree trunks – heavy and sluggish as I climbed hills and sidestepped piles of wet leaves. But I got it done and that’s what matters.
  • This rainy weather is giving me awful headaches. Today especially all I want to do is go home and get under blankets and listen to Christmas music. The kids are here but we cannot leave until four when final grades are due for all the teachers I watch out for here on campus.
  • I think going to look at Christmas lights will make me feel so much more Christmasy too. I’m hoping later this week.
  • My kids are very excited that they’re on campus to catch more Pokemon. Despite the popular belief that Go is dead, it really is not. Just that mainstream hype that originally occurred is dead.
  • It’s been a long long day already but I am still hopeful that I can maintain my patience. I have been actively trying to be aware of bad habits when it comes to how I treat the kids. I easily become annoyed but I am holding my tongue a lot more.
  • Something else I am trying to do is eat slower. I feel so much better when I do!!
  • We had Cracker Barrel last night because I a.) wanted chicken and dumplings and b.) love that they have a big fire place. It’s been cold and wet the past few days so I figured they’d have it roaring. Did they? Of course not. But the food was good!
  •  It’s time to go eat Jimmy Johns and finish up. It’s my last day in the office and then I am out!

One thought on “Random Tuesday

  1. Ok I read Cracker Barrel and thought cheese, big cheese brand here, but you were not talking about cheese are you.
    I am hoping to go out looking at Christmas decorations on Christmas Eve with Jess and Leo

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