MMMM + Impediment to my last two days

And that impediment – a roadblock, per se – are my kids. I have to have my boys with me. They do ok for a little while but then they realize what a long day 8-5 is and start to lose their minds.

Anyway, our weekend was really not bad. We got a lot done in the house and we can finally park in the garage again. It was previously full of two closets worth of stuff. I didn’t wrap anything this weekend, which is kind of surprising. But I was just sort of done in general. On Sunday, Ash and Ell ran a seven mile trail loop and I did my normal 6 mile course. It was a hard run too; not very fun. But I made it and then it was time for beer, burgers, football, then wrestling. All in all, a very nice weekend that went by too quickly!



OK, my Xmas picks this week are:

Reading Challenge Addict

and this one I keep playing for my kids 😉 :

4 thoughts on “MMMM + Impediment to my last two days

  1. Kids get bored too easily to be stuck at work with dear ole mom. Is everyone off for Christmas yet? I bet the kiddos don’t appreciate the song, “I’m Gettin Nuttin’ For Christmas”. It’s really a cute tune. I have it on one of my various artist Christmas CDs. Oh well, here’s hoping everyone gets a little somethin’ for Christmas. Thanks for dancing with the 4M crew, my friend and have blessed, joyous holiday and happy, healthy, prosperous new year!

  2. If the kids get out of hand, you can always threaten that they’ll get underwear and a Bible…

    I’m not much of a James Taylor fan, but he did a good job of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.” Nice to hear the original lyrics for a change.

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