Friday Five – Sickness, holidays, and insurance

Five Thoughts:

  1. I managed to kick this sickness that overtook me Wednesday afternoon. Granted, I had to take off yesterday. I wasn’t going to but I could barely talk and my husband basically made me. It was good for me to do it though; I literally sat around and just… did nothing. Other than drink water. And today, though I am still blowing my nose, I feel much better.
  2. I have to admit that I already started listening to Christmas music. I want you to know though that I am not trying to rush through the seasons. I still thoroughly FEEL like it is fall and I will be sad when Halloween is over. But it’s nice to throw on James Taylor at Christmas while I grade papers in the office.
  3. I broke up with someone today; someone I’ve been with for 21 years. And that someone… is Geico. I had to. They raised my rate by 50 bucks a month! And that was from a 2014 incident when my husband backed into the garage. Not even any damage, really. I switched to State Farm because we have our home insurance with them. As expected, when I called to cancel they asked what my new rate was and admitted they couldn’t beat it. At least it was fairly painless to leave; I was nervous.
  4. I got a silent alarm installed in my office this week. I’m sorry we live in a society where we worry somebody might necessity this but there it is. I DO work on a college campus, after all.
  5. We’re tailgating for the Clemson game tomorrow but not actually going to a game. I don’t believe I have ever tailgated for FSU. Maybe once, long ago. I know a million people who do it and yet, I never go. Should be fun!

Five Photos:


Isaac is having a fall party and he signed me up for a “marshmallow thing” so this is what I made.


She’s a Ninja Turtle Princess. She picked it out.


Sky this morning


Breakfast yesterday


Fall aesthetic

One thought on “Friday Five – Sickness, holidays, and insurance

  1. I had to take a day off sick this week too, and I rarely do that… I’m still not quite “right” whatever this virus is that I’m battling, but much better than I was. Enjoy your weekend, tailgating will be fun!!

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