MMMM + Month’s end already

Happy Halloween everybody!

I really love this holiday and I can’t even tell you why. Maybe I like skirting around the creepy and dark (as will be evident in my song choices today.) I like the costumes and the idea of trick or treating. I also feel like it has become less of an American tradition in the last decade so of course, I’m going to fight against that.

So, our weekend was good. Ash and I went to lunch Friday and then began tearing down the wallpaper in our kitchen. I have always hated wallpaper and the kind we had in there was ugly but not ugly enough to rip it down earlier. We got a good bit done but the detail areas and above cabinets will be rough. We didn’t do much that night… oh yeah, we watched Finding Dory. It wasn’t bad but it also wasn’t amazing, sadly. The next morning, Ash got up at 5:30 to get ready for his half-marathon; the one I was supposed to run, had it not been for my ankle. But this also meant I was up so I made coffee and planned the morning. Some breakfast then on to Isaac’s 8:30 game. They juuust won – by one single point. Isaac had a nice long touchdown run and it was a really good game.

Soon as his game ended we had to get across town to another field for Elliot’s game. They had to play Brody’s team again. That kid is a friend of a friend and I know the parents and they play dirty. They’re the kind of parents who feel that sports are more important than school. This bothers me. Anyway, the last time we played them, we demolished them. And this weekend? We beat them 6-0. It was a very defensive game and we could barely run on them at all. BUT, Elliot had an excellent interception and it was a great win for our team.

Ash managed to show up halfway through that game after his race so that was nice. Originally, we were supposed to tailgate for the Clemson game but our babysitter bailed. It actually kind of worked out because we went to Sonny’s and then took a glorious nap. I’m not gonna lie: I’m glad it went that way.

On Sunday, I was not feeling too hot for some reason but I did manage to run two miles. The ankle felt great, though is a little sore today. I am SO glad I got out there to run, you don’t understand. We’re heading into the “eating season” so I’d better! We didn’t do much other than football and that was our weekend.


So, Halloween theme? Sure. I’m going to hit on some creepier themes. Nothing too scary here but you’ve been warned anyway.

First up is Danzig and talk of Demons.

Now, two versions of the same song:

Diamondhead sang it first then Metallica.

And a fun one:

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