Random Tuesday – How is it almost November? Good god, make it stop!

Stacy Uncorked
  • It’s absolutely crazy how it’s almost freaking November. It feels like it, even here in Florida. We had some really awesome cool days this past weekend. The rest of the week is all mid 50s and low-mid 80s but that’s not cold really. I’ll take what I can get though!
  • I’ve made a list of the things that have to be done in our home before even considering putting it on the market. It’s not THAT much but taking down wallpaper and painting a large room is so daunting, am I right? I am not opposed to those kinds of tasks but just thinking about WHEN to do it and WHAT kind of mess it will entail gives me heart palpitations.
  • Last night, I took Elliot out to buy jeans because, as is the case every year, he grew three inches so nothing fits. I thought I might try Kohl’s because they usually have good deals on quality stuff. Well, nothing that fit him was on sale. The jeans would have cost me 38 bucks. 38 bucks! For kid clothes! I don’t think so. Even though I was tired and exasperated, I got us on to Target where I picked up jeans, two hooded fleeces for the boys, and two packs of wrestling cards for… wait for it… 38 bucks. Why oh why didn’t I just go there first?
  • I told you we got our Halloween costumes, right? FYI, Party City on a Friday night a week before Halloween is ABSOLUTE CHAOS. We found the kids’ stuff based on what Dakota liked: this ugly, garish dress thing that is in the theme of Ninja Turtles. Isaac then decided to be Leonardo so we had the Turtles theme cemented. Except then Elliot wanted out. Sigh. We let him get what he wanted – a zombie hunter – then Ash and I went home and picked Ninja Turtles side characters. He’s going to be Shredder and I’m Casey Jones. So that’s our 2016 line-up.


 It’s now only a month until Christmas!!   (Ok, technically two months, really) Panic now.   If you are the calm and collected type, do please share some of your secrets to surviving holiday stress.
I’m not always calm around this time of year and I admit to having moments of panic when I feel like I have not bought enough presents or cleaned enough for company. But I do have some tactics for not completely losing my mind.
This year, we aren’t having anyone here for Thanksgiving so the pressure is off! In fact, I was pretty excited about that but now, It might not feel like the holiday without anyone more than our family of five. However, I think in the end I will enjoy it being just us. We’ll get out the Christmas stuff and start making the house winter festive.
Now, when it comes to Christmas, my main goal is to shop little at a time. I won’t allow myself to a.) wait until the last minute OR b.) get suckered into thinking I did not buy enough. Ash always goes overboard with his kid gift shopping so I plan a certain number of thigns I know they want and stick to it. This way, I am relieved in knowing I accomplished my goal and they’ll be happy.
A secondary way I stay calm is by enjoying the little aspects of the holiday. Making sure I take time to, anyway. I love hot tea and fuzzy socks. I love Christmas music and the way the tree makes my living room cozy. Sometimes if I get a rare evening alone, I like to make tea and sit on my couch, then take in the beauty of the tree all decorated in personalized ornaments. And if you squint, you get this hazy whimsical feeling of security and happiness.
Now I can’t wait until Christmas!

One thought on “Random Tuesday – How is it almost November? Good god, make it stop!

  1. O h bother – it was supposed to say TWO months away. Good grief. Ha. Well the Season technically begins in a month would have sounded more correct. And that is why I am glad Canadian Thanksgiving is in October, and not right before the Christmas season. That way I have a breather between holiday meals.
    We are a super hero family this year for Halloween – no surprise there I suppose. Except me – I’m doing a sugar skull outfit, but cheating and getting the tattoos instead of trying to paint my entire face.
    Oh, and we had snow today. yeah, that.

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