MMMM + Where did October go?

I realize we’re still one week away from the end but I am amazed at how quickly this month has gone by. It’s a little insane and I say it every single year but we hurdle towards year’s end after September. Anyway, I feel like I haven’t been to work in forever because I left at 2 on Thursday to meet with the realtor and then the boys were off Friday for teacher workday. So I’ve been doing other things. Admittedly, because we got stuff done in the house and other errands, it made me feel like I could really use some extra days off to do that stuff. I could’t be a a stay at home mom but I could handle a four day work week!

Our weekend was busy as always: both boys had 10:30 games, which is a great time because we can wake up and eat a leisurely breakfast before running all over town. Their teams lost but my boys played well so there’s that. Isaac is literally a beast when it comes to football. Thing is, he’d probably do better in tackle. but we’re just not there yet. Anyway, we went to Sonny’s and then relaxed. Ash was working on some gaming console of his and it was his entire afternoon project. I ran out to do some errands and then  I took the kids down to this neighborhood party they had. There were kitties to pet and a bounce house and a lot of food. It was nice. Funny how I never knew there were that many kids in our neighborhood. Funny how we can all exist in this one area and never know each other.

On Sunday, I made the basic Thanksgiving meal that we usually have: a roughly eight pound turkey breast, mashed potatoes, cornbread and mac and cheese. No, not a single green thing! For the actual holiday we do have vegetables. But I opted not to this time. Before I got all that on the able, I took my first run since spraining my ankle. And it wasn’t that bad! I did wear this lace up boot thing that keeps your ankle from wobbling. It was a little uncomfortable but I had that security. I’m looking forward to going back to running now. I’ll start slow of course, just a couple miles. But I should be back on track in no time.


Music Monday and a freebie week? Heck yeah. OK so I’m going to play a couple songs that, recently, I remembered my dad listening to when I was little.

and then this one, which is on a car commercial now.

4 thoughts on “MMMM + Where did October go?

  1. Very lovely listening songs for sure. These are the kind of songs I’d play with a nice evening with my husband over a glass of wine. Thanks for old memories.

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